Friday, November 12, 2010


... I had my own fall foliage tour! Some of the trees were gorgeous! I say 'some', because there were just a few. ... but they were absolutely gorgeous.
If I could take pictures while driving you'd see what I meant.

('Course some people would take pictures while they're driving..... like they text while they're driving..... Grrrr....... DON'T GET ME STARTED.)


What else to tell you about?

Well, little Anna is home. Sam wants to go by and meet her today. Yay! (It's his -our- day off - yay!) (I've got the new spelling of 'yay' down now.)

Boy, does Sam need a day off. He has been so busy lately. What with his church work and his teaching he comes home really tired.

In closing I will tell you about yesterday.
I played in the tea room.
I played some patriotic songs - for Veterans Day - and a gentleman asked if I could play the theme songs for the different branches of the Armed Forces... like "Anchors Aweigh", "The Marines Hymn" ('From the halls of Montezuma....), and the song - don't know the title - that goes, 'Off we go into the wild blue yonder..' Also the Army song, "The Caisson Song" (which I totally didn't know... but he was sure I would if I heard it.).

Anyway, I can play some by ear... but I learned yesterday that I shouldn't try in public... with songs I just know 'the hook' to. 'The hook' means the part of the song with the title in it, usually. It's the memorable part of the song - and it's usually just a phrase - like "Anchors Aweigh -- something something".

I say all that to say that when in doubt DON'T (play what you don't know).
Fortunately it was only embarrassing for about 5 minutes.
In closing here is a picture of Baby Anna the day she was born. She's with her mother, her grandmother, her great grandmother and her big sister....
Her big sister is really happy she's finally here!

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