Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Can you believe this?

I mean, sometimes it can seem a little cartoonish...
But I believe it was real...
Oh yes.

And that belief has changed my life.

There are some billboards out this season about it being a myth.

And there's a website from a guy who calls himself "The Friendly Atheist". At first I thought that sounded like an oxymoron, ... and when I went to the site, except for his smiling face, it really DID seem like an oxymoron. He rants and rants about Christians and their idiot ways.
He posts about every 3 hours or so.
I'm thinking - like Hamlet's mother Gertrude said- 'thou does protest too much'.

I was listening to Dennis Prager the other day interview a cardiologist from Holland who affirms there is an almighty God. The doctor (I forget his name) was raised in a nonreligious home. Since he's been a cardiologist and interviewed and studied patients with after-death experiences he's determined their experiences weren't just results of brain cells doing weird things once the body and brain are dead. He's convinced there IS an afterlife... and there IS an Almighty.

My own experiences convince me.

That, and reading the Bible, and hearing and reading from others who believe.

And that there are 'Great Awakenings' happening in Australia, Africa, definitely China, and even (yes, EVEN) in Europe. That's not to mention India and South America.

I'm not mad at atheists. I'm sad for them.

I can understand why they might equate the Baby Jesus in the manger with, say, the Little Mermaid. But go back in history - which is true?

Atheists think we're simpletons who need a crutch.

The simpleton part may be true for me - but I don't need a crutch.
I need a wheel-chair.
And a Savior!

Thank heavens for Christmas!

I could go on and on - and sorry this is so hodgepodge - but I don't much like lengthy blog-posts.

I'll close with a quote from an interesting writer whom I really like...
"I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas season, and find yourself reflecting on the Incarnation. He came to us, proclaimed a message of peace, then left to prepare a place for us. Even as I type these words they sound absurd. I’m a fool to believe it, and yet I do. Christ be with you this Christmas."
- Donald Miller


sara [at] journey of doing said...

Great post.

I don't know how anyone cannot believe.... but I also don't know why they feel the need to tear us down for believing what we believe. Easier, I suppose?

Being Beth said...

I think atheists are terrified and therefore fight so hard because that's what humans do when they are terrified -they either fight or run and who can run from God? Where do you turn to get away? And so they fight. They can't see God, so they fight his children.

I just wish Christian people wouldn't give atheists so much ammunition though.

Good post, Nancy, and yes, I too believe.

arg said...

I was about to comment "Great post" but Sara beat me to it...

Still, GREAT POST!!!

Have you ever heard the Professor at Texas A&M speak about the Star of Bethlehem and Christmas? It is amazing and worth the drive to College Station! http://www.thebatt.com/news/professor-star-of-bethlehem-a-historical-event-1.1820022

Anonymous said...

I believe in God and Jesus because Ive met him. Marilyn D

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