Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas night...

... is what I voted for on my recent poll.

Well, I love - LOVE - Christmas Eve.
And, I love - LOVE - Christmas Morn.
...there is something so relaxing and satisfying about Christmas Night with its memories of the Eve and Morn that, well, I voted for it.

'Course as I type it's not quite night time yet. . . but I'm in that Christmas Night mode. Mmmm.

I didn't get many pictures today, but I like the ones I got...

(Is she not darling?!)

I hope YOU had a great day, too!


Anonymous said...

What a GREAT picture of you and Anna! That totally needs to be your facebook picture now.

I rarely ever comment, so you know I mean business.

Bailey Jo

Audrey said...

Dear Nancy,
GREAT pictures...feel as though I was there. We had a wonderful and very peaceful Christmas. So content to be home.
Love you all & Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Man that huffman family really knows how to pose. Had a great Christmas morn with everybody! I think that is what I voted for .


Lizza said...
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Being Beth said...

I'm drooling over little Caroline's coat!!! That is too cute! Looks like you all had a fantastic Christmas. I agree with Bailey Jo -- that photo of you and Anna needs to be your FB profile photo -- it's too precious not to share.

Nancy said...

Oh yes, Beth. It is now my profile pic!! (Elizabeth took the picture.)