Friday, December 3, 2010

Here's my blog-post today....

I've had a pretty busy week. I've played Christmas carols in the tea room everyday but today. I've also done lots of other stuff... while Hubby has been at a church staff retreat in Malakoff, Texas. He'll be home tonight to tell me all about it.
On Monday I sat with little Andrew and his baby sister Anna when their mom took their older sister to dance class.
Of course I had to get some pictures....

Here's Andrew with his ever-present Superman...Andrew even includes Superman when he's playing with their little nativity scene. (Yes, Superman was there with Mary and Joseph and the Baby Jesus! I think he got there before the shepherds did.)

And here's sweetness herself, Little Cupcake...I think she was having a sweet dream right about then.

In other news, last night I went with my mom to the annual Christmas party at the Parkwood Retirement Center. It was WONDERFUL. The food was amazing.... as was the entertainment... and the company....

That's me, Mother, Bob and Sarah...Bob and Sarah have just been at Parkwood for about three weeks. They talked of how hard it was to move from their big lake home in Lake Kiowa, Texas. And Mother talked about leaving White Haven in east Texas. I think it was good that we sat together.
(We talked about other things, too - Baptists and Methodists; teaching school; Nebraska Huskers (Bob) and Arkansas Razorbacks (Sarah), so then we had to talk about Baylor, of course.)

Here was the entertainment downstairs in the main eating area...(Notice he's reading his music on a computer!) (I took that picture in case Santa wants to see it.)

Then we went upstairs and saw this beautiful ice fruit bowl...

... and we heard a marvelous harpist playing Christmas carols...

Walking back from the party, I snapped this shot of Mother near the gazebo in her courtyard.
It was a fun time for sure.

My next post will be about things I like... including some new facial cleanser and cream. They're called TIME DEFIANCE. (It's time!!!)
(I put up a new poll.)


sara [at] journey of doing said...

I love seeing the pictures of how well your mom is doing in her new place and how she's making friends. It reminds me of what a good move that was for my great grandmother. (I should call her more often.)

And that Anna, she's pretty sweet. I get to meet her tomorrow! :)

Anonymous said...

sounds like a fun week!

Nancy said...

I'm going to copy some comments I've gotten on Facebook about this post, okay? (Not all my blogreaders are on Facebook.)

Susan Prather wrote: voted. i want my voice to be heard.

Beth Lahaie wrote: I voted too. Gosh, I want to live in that retirement center. I also want some of that little cupcake!!! I'm sure superman got there before the shepherds, maybe he helped with the delivery??? LOL

Elizabeth Huffman wrote: Aw! I was teaching the kids O Come All Ye Faithful this morning! That's my fave. Looks like a fun Christmas party at Grandmother's! And Superman is ALL about the nativity!

And Sherry Souter Nusko wrote: Malakoff is in my neck of the woods, about 8 miles west of Athens; it's a beautiful day, but bad weather is coming.


Anonymous said...


I love your blog and "voting" look great...keep up the great work. When Lee retires (in May), I hope we'll be able to do some traveling and get up "north" to see you.

Peggy (Gallagher) Fisher

Bobbie said...

Your Mom is a beautiful lady - as are you! Aren't we blessed to still have them with us!

Bobbie said...

Your Mom is a beautiful lady - as are you! Aren't we blessed to still have our Moms with us!


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