Sunday, December 12, 2010

I know...

... I spend way too much time blogging.

'ADDICTION' might be the word you could use.
Me, I prefer the word 'HOBBY'.

I'll indulge in my hobby now by showing you some pictures I really like....

Here's a picture of Will and Bailey on their honeymoon....(No, I did NOT take this picture - Ha!)
Here are Will and Bailey wearing shirts they got on that honeymoon....(I DID take this picture - You can click to make larger - so you can read better what's on the shirts.)

Here's what they brought us back from their honeymoon...(Sam and I love unique nativity scenes.)
That was so very thoughtful.

Here they are with their first Christmas tree that they got at our house ....(No, they didn't cut it down. I just handed it to them.)

Speaking of cutting down trees... here is Ryan with the Christmas tree he and Laura got at a Christmas tree farm down near Burleson.... (I did NOT take these next pictures.)

Here's Laura with the tree all decorated...(I think she likes that tree!)

Here's Ryan up on the rooftop of their house ... decorating...

Here's the result!...
Feels like Christmas, huh?

My last picture in this blog-post is of this precious family...
...Study each person... it's so 'them', don't you think?!
In closing I want to tell you to do two things (if you haven't already):
1. Take my newest poll that I just put up! (upper right)
2. Please read my cousin's latest blog post - of letters she wrote in prison. Click HERE to go to that post. You won't be sorry you did.

Have a great week.


Being Beth said...

Wonderful photo's!!! Wonderful!!! Each one made me smile.

sara [at] journey of doing said...

Love the nativity scene! Everytime I see one, I think of your collection. :)

Oh happy Christmas trees for your kiddos. Laura's looks great!!

Anonymous said...

great pictures!

Julia said...

Great post! Beautiful family!

We should have a party, Grammy!

Penelope Faye said that. We call her Nell. She said that we need to have a party since I was in her house!! She said that this past Thursday...