Thursday, December 30, 2010

You can have fun...

... even if you don't win. (Baylor lost to Univ. of Illinois in the Texas Bowl last night.)
Here are some pics...

On a COMPLETELY different note,
my dear dad
died of cancer
four years ago

What a wonderful man he was.

It still seems strange
to talk about him
in the past tense.

He was
a wonderful husband,
a wonderful father,
a wonderful Christian...
He was a deacon
in the Baptist church -
since before I was born.
He also led music at
First Baptist Church, Mission,
while I (from 8th grade till 12th grade) played the piano,
and my twin played the organ.

He was also a Gideon.

He also taught Sunday School lessons on Sunday afternoons in the county jail.

(I know he did other things I'm forgetting.)

He was an Aggie. A PROUD Aggie.
And a Marine. A PROUD Marine.
And he was proud he got to send his twin girls to Baylor.

When he was in his fifties he redefined his life: he moved from Mission, Texas to his grandfather's homestead in east Texas... and set up his office there... and got cattle, and horses... and a surrey... and a big garden... and built memories for all his grandkids and all his extended family.

In the fall of 2004 he and Mother moved to the Metroplex to be near me... since his cancer meant they couldn't keep taking care of 'White Haven'.

Did you know that he learned to play the violin when he was 70 years old? He was inspired by a lady in his church who started taking violin lessons when she was 80 years old. (He played in nursing homes when he was probably older than some of the residents.)
That is a lesson to me!

He died at 81 on Dec. 30, 2006...
I love you, Daddy.
I'm going to go spend tonight with the love of your life, my precious mom.


sara [at] journey of doing said...

Beautiful tribute to your dad, Nancy. What a man he was!!! Learning the violin at 70 -- amazing!!

Nancy said...

Thanks, Sara.
I know ... at 70!

Deanna said...

Awesome, Nancy. Truly awesome. I miss my Dad so much sometimes. We were so truly blessed to be born into Godly homes with Godly parents. And we were so truly blessed with the dear siblings He gave us. And we are truly blessed to still have our Moms. And one day, we will be blessed to all be reunited at the feet of our Saviour.

Nancy said...

Yes, Deanna!!!!! Oh yes!!!

Elizabeth H. said...

Beautiful tribute to Granddaddy. And now I'm crying. He was so wonderful and I miss him so much. I so wish the kids could have met him.

Audrey said...

Oh that was brought tears to my eyes! He was my uncle and your daddy and one of the finest people I have ever known. He welcomed everybody, there was no stranger to him. He always had a smile, a joke and a twinkle in his if he was ready for mischief. There was a kindness and intelligence about him, he was a rare person and I am thankful for the moments I had with him. Love to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

You forgot--he was also a wonderful Granddaddy.

The night he died it one of my more vivid memories. It was a beautiful moment--us all being there and you singing Amazing Grace. We'll see him again!


caroline said...

I wish I could've met your Dad. He sounds amazing. And you look so much like him, I never knew!
So sweet. I hope I'm blessed with that many years with my daddy.


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