Saturday, December 31, 2011

Thursday, December 29, 2011

My angel made an angel...

Part of my daughter Laura's Christmas gift to me was this...

She made it as she was teaching her middle school students (when she was student teaching last month) how to make the angels.

To think that she would give me hers is, well, WONDERFUL.

Here is the face up close...

Not only notice the closed eyes, and the mouth singing, but notice the rose the angel is holding.

This next picture shows the hair. Laura said she used a garlic press to make the hair.
 (Who would have thought?)

Oh, you can see where you can put a candle in it.

My daughter amazes me.
Check out her blog to see some more art.
(She's doing a 30 day drawing challenge.... well, here it is (I hope you can read it)...
Click HERE to go to her blog.
You'll be glad you did. (She's on Day 5 today - it's great.)
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Caroline is 5 today!!!

(That's Baby Caroline with her Uncle Cap.)

She's a darling 5-year-old.
I'm so glad I'm her great aunt.
Her grandmother (my late twin) would be (is) so very proud!!!


Sunday, December 25, 2011


This morning they came...
I don't know who was more excited to see those people... Sam, me or Shiloh!

Before we opened presents from each other, our kids and their spouses had to see what Santa brought...
Santa had a feeling that Ryan would want a book that Rob Carmack and Doug Walker wrote.

Later we opened presents for and from each other (we chose names)...
Laura drew my name! Here she's giving me my treasure...
It was a wonderful present... a book, a journal, and an ornament that she made! Laura knows I love all those things!

Speaking of Laura and me, here's a picture I love...
And here I am with Sam...
That's Sam (up there). Right after we opened gifts he started cooking the famous Carmack Christmas breakfast...
Then he got some help...
Sam is working on the pancakes, Ryan is frying the bacon, Will the eggs, and John is cooking the gravy, for the biscuits which were in the oven.
(Man, I love it when men cook!)

While that was going on, Caroline and Anna were with Shiloh...
Well, there was a door between them... but Shiloh was excited because he knew that soon he could eat the leftovers left over on the floor when the meal was over.

Oh, here are two pictures of the breakfast buffet...
(John was being so patient!)

Oh, here is a good picture...
Those are three precious gals, huh?

Here's a very special picture...
That is actually Caroline singing (!) "Born on Christmas Day" by Brad Paisley... and accompanied by her dad, John. We had to listen carefully.... but oh, it was beautiful.
Caroline knew every word... and had perfect pitch... and well, she had preciousness all over it!!!

As I look at my pictures for today, I don't see one of Andrew!
He was too busy eating, or playing, or somehow else avoiding the camera!
He will not get away with it.
Here he is at Halloween...
Today he wore a beautiful Christmas vest, with Christmas trees on it.
I have a feeling he likes that Superman outfit better. Hmm.

Well, you may have noticed that I wore that Santa hat today.
I love Santa hats.
(A good Santa hat covers a multitude of bad hairs!)

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Jesus Christ!!!

Yes, I'm giving him exclamation points ... for PRAISE!!

Did you know that Christ never told us to remember his birth... but to remember his crucifixion, death and resurrection?

Ah, but if he hadn't been born, there would have been none of the other.

And so Christmas is a grand time to celebrate his humble birth.
And I think 'humble' is the operative word.

Christ was humble all the time. Oh not in a namby pamby kind of way.
But his birth and death were so unexpected for a KING.

Sam has been so drawn to nativity scenes through the years... and it's mainly because of the simpleness of them...
Christ was born in lowliness... and yet worthy of high worship.

Here's Sam's favorite ....
Sam would use this every Christmas eve service we were at Bear Valley Church.
It speaks volumes when you study it.

Another nativity scene that we love is this...
Will gave that to me a few years ago. Though you could call it a 'snow globe', when you turn it upside down and shake it it fills the globe with sparkly glittery type things, not snow. It's beautiful... and I love it.

This next unique nativity was given to us several years ago by the Werners...
She's half Chinese and half Japanese, and he's not. I think that's great.
Here's a picture of them now... and then when they got married... (I stole these from Facebook)
Merry Christmas, Werners!

These next two manger scenes fall in the category of "I wanted them. I bought them."

This one is from Hobby Lobby...

And this next one is from Wal-mart...
Wal-mart does have treasures.
And I think it's fun trying to find them.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

I love this plate...

Mother gave it to us a few years ago, and I love it.

Here it is as kind of a backdrop for our little nativity scenes on the piano...
I hadn't put those on the piano before, but when I was taking them out of the boxes I set them there just to set them somewhere - and well, I liked them there!
(That's how my interior decorating often works... by happenstance.)

This next nativity scene doesn't have a neat story behind it....
I bought it at Hobby Lobby at half price. Joseph is about a foot tall, so it's the largest nativity scene we have.
(I guess the neat story behind it is that I saw it, I liked it, it was on sale, so I bought it.)
(Sometimes it's wonderful to buy yourself something.)
(Oh yes.)
(Amen to that.)
That's all for now.
More later.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Counting Baby Jesuses

We have a lot of Baby Jesus-es in our house.
Last night we found out we have at least fifteen!

Here's one...
You can barely see him there, being held by his parents.

That was given to us by some friends in Brazil. I just love it. It was made in Piaui, the poorest - and hottest state in Brazil... and where we lived for close to 2 years (yes, me - comfort-loving me!).
This next nativity scene was given to us by Pat and Ken (Sam's sister and brother-in-law) several years ago...
It doesn't indicate where it was made, but it looks maybe like Mexico.
I love the colors in it.

This next one is definitely from Mexico...
We bought it right across the border in Nuevo Progreso, just south of Weslaco, TX (where my parents lived when I was born (in Mercedes).

This next one is from Santa Fe, New Mexico...
It's small enough to be a tree ornament, but I put it on the piano. It gets more attention that way.
The title of this post is "Counting Baby Jesuses" because last night little Caroline and her family came over and she counted the Baby Jesuses we had. (Her mother had her do that ... and what a great project for an almost 5 year-old!!)
I think she counted 15.

Here she is with her little sister last night...

And here is her little brother...

I just smile when I see their pictures.

I'll bet you're smiling now, too.
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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Proud in my pajamas...

I had my own Pajama Day today.

That tells you I didn't go to church this morning.... because though we go to casual church services, they're not THAT casual!

Well, this has been one of the most eventful weekends of my entire life.
I'm just bursting with pride, and joy, and love.... and exhaustion.

Here are some pictures.

Here's from Friday afternoon...
(Look closely and you'll see Laura looking up at us.) (She's in line to get her degree.) (See the man in the light blue shirt with the dark hair four rows in front of us. Then look at the person wearing light green in front of him. Laura is right in front of him, looking at us.)

Here she is with her proud grandmother afterwards...

And here she is with her fan club...
I know. Not all of her fans are in that picture. (We thought you'd have to be at work, or shopping.)

Then last night we went to Will's graduation...
Look closely and you'll see him. (He's getting ready to walk across the stage.)

Here he is with his proud grandmother afterwards...

And here he is with his proud wife...
I didn't get a picture of his fan club on my iPhone... and Sam hasn't sent his picture to me yet.
(Will could only have six guests, so that's why you didn't get an invitation.)
If you notice I've put up a different header for today and I've included Rob and Caroline. (Rob is Sam's brother's oldest son... and he's like a son in many ways to us.) (He lived with us four summers, and was Will and Laura's youth director for years. Now he's a teaching pastor, a published author, and lots of other stuff. Caroline is an amazing photographer here in the Metroplex.)

They have some news!
And I love how they let folks know on Facebook...
I think that is so clever!!

They're due in July.
(That's Sawyer who Rob is holding. I think he could be in the movies, he's so cute.)
So this weekend has lots of congratulations going around!!!... So many that I've had to stay in my pjs all day!

(But I really should have gone to church.)

Trivia Tuesday

He was nominated on five occasions but Mahatma Gandhi NEVER won the Nobel Peace Prize. Where will you find an annual hair-freezing contest? ...