Thursday, January 27, 2011

From where I sit...

... I can see the new display of Blue Willow plates on the wall in the Simplicities' Tea Room at the LoneStar Antique Mall.
Jennifer said they thought about taking them all the way to the ceiling... which would require a lot of plates ... and a lot of work.
Ah, but I like them the way they are.

The other day I saw an interesting couple come in. I sneaked a picture of them...
Susie is taking their order. (It's a bad picture, I know. I was zooming in on my iPhone.) Can you see the lady with the purple-spiked hair? When I first saw her I thought she was a young lady. But no. When she turned around I could see she was maybe in her sixties, and that man is her husband (well, I think).
At first I thought she was strange. Her hair and her clothes were so weird for a person of that age. But she was very nice to me. ... and, well, made me get out of my frumpy ways and applaud (well, not literally) her for her 'look'.

Why not?

Why not branch out a bit?

I may not get my hair purple, but, hmm... I may get (a little) daring.

I'll keep you posted.
Well, Cupcake is winning in my latest poll.
That poll shows you that though I may not (presently) have purple hair, I CAN make a poll that's a little (just a tad) outside the box.
In closing, here's a quote by William Barclay that I've used before ... and love...
The Christian is a person of joy...A gloomy Christian is a contradiction of terms, and nothing in all religious history has done Christianity more harm than its connection with black clothes and long faces.
Isn't that good?


Deanna said...

Love the quote. Love the plates. Love your blog. And I would still love you with purple spiky hair lol. THIS I gotta see . . .

And speaking of purple spiky hair . . . I ashamedly admit that I struggle against "stereo-typing" people according to their appearance. And I also admit that there have been times that I have been amazingly, pleasantly surprised at the PERSON I found underneath an unconventional appearance. Still hard for this old woman to get past that first impression sometimes . . .

At any rate, call me when you get out of the salon . . .

Being Beth said...

Love the plates and the quote.

The purple spiked coif? I guess she took that poem to heart that deals with being old enough to wear purple. She's definitely old enough. I was thinking I'd just go with purple socks or something, but hair works. LOL!

Fun post -- can't wait to see what daring thing you do to yourself.

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