Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The next thing...

Are you like me?
Are you always thinking about the 'next thing'?

Even in the little things.

Like when I'm getting ready for the day...
I'm not thinking about the getting ready part.
I want to do it as fast as I can so I can get on to the next thing... like running that errand, finally doing that chore, making that phone call, finishing that project.

I won't be satisfied until I get to that 'next thing'.

And then during THAT thing I'm thinking about the NEXT thing.

Well, phooey on that.
For today, when I'm driving to the antique mall, I'm not going to be thinking about getting there. I'm going to be thinking about the actual driving there. The stop lights. The people in the car behind me.
I'm even going to look at and think about the texture of my dashboard in the sunlight. ('Course it will need dusting.)

Ha. Even now, I'm thinking about the 'next thing'.
Phooey. I'm going to think - I AM thinking - about my fingers on this keyboard typing this very minute. And how blessed I am that I have the time and ability to type this stuff. And how Mr. Suter's typing class in Mission High School was one of the best classes I've ever taken. It means I don't have to 'hunt and peck' when I'm typing.
And I'm thinking about how my feet are snuggled up under the covers now.... with my knees are bent so my laptop can be on my lap.

And I'm thinking how blessed I am that I have the time and leisure to sit here doing this.
And I can do it without guilt.

I haven't completely gotten ready for the day yet, but I'm looking forward to the experience of putting my makeup on in a few minutes. (Oh, that's the 'next thing' again.)

As you can tell, I'm in a good mood.

I spent the night with my mom. We went to see CAMELOT at the Artisan Center Theater last night. Before that, from 4 till 5, I played some background music for her retirement center's Sips and Snacks time. That was fun.

So I'm feeling good.

Oh, I've put up another random poll (totally random).
(I was surprised that Belle won on the puppy name--- but that's sweet, and did seem to fit her sweet picture. (I voted for Damsel.))

In closing, here are two of my favorite quotes from C.S. Lewis:
"I gave in, and admitted that God was God, and knelt and prayed: perhaps, that night, the most dejected and reluctant convert in all England."

"Reality, in fact, is usually something you could not have guessed. That is one of the reasons I believe Christianity. It is a religion you could not have guessed."


Being Beth said...

Those are wonderful quotes. It has been a long time since I read C.S. Lewis, and these quotes make me want to go back and read his books again. Thanks!

It's SO HARD to stay in the moment and be aware of what you're doing instead of what you're going to do in a minute.

Multi-tasking is not that great an idea.

Audrey said...

Great post Nancy. When we are living in the future, we miss the present....and we miss the memories that go with enjoying every moment in that moment. Thank you for your post, what a great reminder to live fully. With love to you and your family.

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