Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Oh dear...

Last night
we got
a phone call.

Laura (our precious daughter)
was calling from the Holy Cross Hospital in Taos, New Mexico.
She and Ryan (her husband - whom we love dearly)
were on a ski trip to Angel Fire.
They were skiing...
when a snowboarder ran into Ryan.

Long story short:
Ryan is recovering
from surgery
to repair his broken leg -
the shin's 2 main bones
were broken
into 9 pieces.

If you would, please pray for Ryan..
... for good recovery
... and for Laura
as she drives them home
- which may be as early as tomorrow.
She'll be driving Ryan's stick-shift car (a Volkswagen Rabbit)
that she learned to drive just two weeks ago.
By the time they get back to Denton she'll be an expert at driving that car.
UPDATE: this afternoon Sam and I offered to go out there with our much more comfortable car--- and they took us up on it... we leave tomorrow morning. - thanks for your prayers!!
One wonderful thing about this is that Ryan's brother, Zach, 'happened' to be there with them when the accident happened... so he could help out in all the ways that needed help. He's since left for home, near McKinney.

(I know, that picture at the top doesn't look like an 'Oh dear' picture... but isn't it good?)

Well, that's my post for the day.

We're just glad nothing worse happened.

Thank you, Lord.


sara [at] journey of doing said...

That's really scary! Poor Laura and Ryan! But, glad nothing worse happened for sure! You've got to watch out for those skiiers/snowboarders for sure!

Audrey said...

My prayers go out for Ryan and his healing. I also believe there will be more doctors (at least as a follow-up) and I pray that Christ's hand be with them so that they will make the best decisions and provide what is best for Ryan. He is so fortunate to have Laura and all of you to help him as he mends. Nancy thank you for posting this...I think it needs to be out thereso that the prayer circle grows. I love you all!!

Elizabeth H. said...

We will definitely be praying for him and for their safety driving back. I'm so thankful it was just a bone and not a worse injury!

Being Beth said...

Oh dear is right! Yes, I'm definitely praying. Please keep us posted. How are you doing?

Being Beth said...

OH I'm SO GLAD you andSam can go get them rather than Laura driving all that way herself. That makes me feel SO much better. I was kinda worried about them. I can only imagine how much more you and Ryan's folks were. I'm sure everybody concerned is relieved.

I'll be praying for your traveling safety as well as for Ryan and Laura.

Nancy said...

Thanks, everybody.
I am feeling SO MUCH better knowing we're going out there. oh yes!!

Maria said...

Sorry about Ryan. I'm glad it wasn't worse. And Nancy, thank you for not posting an "Oh Dear" picture.

Pat said...

So sorry about Ryan's mishap. We'll be praying for a good recovery and an easy trip home. Good of you to go.

alice said...

Nancy and like you to drive to NM and bring back poor sore Ryan. I hope the trip back is smooth for all of you. Our prayers are with you.

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