Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On any road trip...

... my favorite part
is almost always
the eating part.

On the way home
from Taos last week
we found an eatery
south of Santa Fe
that won our hearts.


Here's their website: http://realfoodnation.biz/
(You can see that they grow their own veggies, etc.)

The food was delicious.
The service was awesome.
they even
had a couch
for Ryan's leg.

Once we got into Texas
we found some places
with some interesting names...

In Claude there was
(We should have at least gone in for a coke - to see how crazy it was.)

In Clarendon there was the place called 'NUTTIN' FANCY CAFE'.
And there was a little motel with the name 'IT'LL DO MOTEL'.
(Maybe the town needs to work on its self-image?)

In Chillicothe there was a quick stop with a huge sign that read 'DANG GOOD CANDY'.
(That sounds really good. Why did we not try some?)

In Childress, there was the appropriately named 'WIRED WABBIT ESPRESSO BAR'.
(We didn't try that, either.)

Hmm. Well, we missed our chances.
But they made my blog.

Do you, dear blog readers, have some interesting named places you'd like to share?


Being Beth said...

I blogged about that "Dang Good Candy" place in Chillicothe a couple years ago (http://bethlahaie.blogspot.com/2008/08/dang-good.html) -- you did well to pass that place up. It wasn't really candy -- more like stale coated pecans. But that sign drew me in, LOL!

There's a wonderful restaurant in DeMoines, New Mexico called the Sierra Grande Restaurant -- fantastic Mexican food (New Mexican style, not TexMex), and the local ranchers who regularly drop in for coffee and a chat are so much fun.

It's between Clayton and Raton, and a great place to lunch after leaving Amarillo.

Nancy said...

Ah, Beth, I went to your post that featured that 'Dang Good Candy'. I remember that now!!
Good thing we didn't 'take the bite'.
Sorry you did.

And mmm... I really like New Mexican food.

Anonymous said...

yeah that place was great! an answer to our prayers. i could eat there right now . . .

and we didn't stop at those places because we were anxious to get home.

and you forgot to mention the INDOOR sonic.


arg said...

"The MIghty Cone" in Austin. Its fabulous "deep sauted" food served in a cone like a sno-cone. YUUUM!

Nancy said...

Yum, arg.... I'll have to try that next time I'm in Austin.

Austin has the most interesting stuff, huh?!

Nancy said...

You're right, Laura. That indoor Sonic was fantastic.... though clearly not very popular.... which was good for us. :):):)

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