Thursday, January 6, 2011

Random thoughts...

Today marks the last day I will be this age.

Geez. I'll never be this young again.
(Nor will you, for that matter.)

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the last year I will be in my fifties.


I thought I'd feel older when I got this old.

Ah, but in many ways I feel more mature...

Here are some random things I've learned through the years:

When an older couple is eating in a restaurant and they are not talking to each other that does NOT mean they are not happily married.

When a couple of any age is lovey-dovey in public it does NOT ALWAYS mean they FEEL lovey-dovey towards each other.

When a person tells you something about another person it may or may not be true.

God can be trusted even though you don't understand Him... and you don't understand how so many people can have so many different views of Him.

You don't have to try and understand everything....
Or everybody.

You either control your attitude or it controls you.
But sometimes you just feel yuck.
Don't be hard on yourself for that.... just gently let yourself think 'up' thoughts - and focus on God - and the good. (Sometimes it takes a while. It's okay.)

When you begin to think about the possible tragedies that could happen in your life make yourself think about the odds of said tragedy(ies) happening. I mean, don't let tragedies take over your life - especially if they haven't happened!
I say that to say, WHAT'S SO BAD ABOUT FEELING GOOD?!!
LET YOURSELF FEEL GOOD.... even with potential horrors out there.

So those are my random thoughts for today.
(It's my blog after all.)

I'll leave you with this....
A smile is the light in your window that tells people you're at home.
So be at home... and smile.
(And a smile is the absolute cheapest face lift you can buy.)

If you have any random thoughts you'd like to share, share ... I love comments.)


Deanna said...

Great post today, Nancy (as usual). Funny thing, growing up my mom and dad were (in my eyes) always "older than dirt." In fact I am sure I considered them to be "elderly" when they were the age I am now. When I was in my mid-thirties though, my mom said something to me which I will never forget, and which makes more and more sense to me with each passing year.
I commented to my mom that I couldn't understand where the years had gone, how on earth could I possibly be 35 years old. She commented to me that she was 30 years old when I was born, so that made her 65 years old, never mind how did I get to be 35, how on earth could she possibly be 65!! She also told me that she still thought and felt (in her mind) like she did when she was 18 (Gee, how could that be possible??? Was my mom ever really only 18 years old? Wasn't she BORN old????) That she only realized she was no longer 18 when she looked in the mirror and wondered who that wrinkled woman was looking back at her.
What a revelation for me to have this wonderful peek into my mother's head. And to see her in a totally different light as a woman. And now to really understand what she was talking about more and more with each year that passes!!

Nancy said...

Wonderful comment, Deanna!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I agree with your post completely! I was talking with a friend today about how much I have learned from mistakes in the past and how experiences have made me wiser. So in many ways, getting older is a good thing! Happy birthday. You are a lovely woman. I miss you!

arg said...

My mom always said (still says! :) ) "Only you can be in charge of how you feel" - and even though I tell that to my students (daily) It was still just one of those things that my Mom says - until I read it here, today! Thanks for reinforcing that lesson. :)

And Happy Birthday! :)

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