Monday, January 31, 2011

Two of my favorite artists...

...came by and did some art work at my house last week.

Here are Caroline's bride and bridesmaids...

Then she added more bridesmaids...

Now I think that is remarkable.
(She just turned four years old on Dec. 28th!)

Here is her little brother's impressionistic art...
(I just love those little hands.)

Elizabeth is always so appreciative of my time with her little ones.
Look what she brought me...
... those cookies are called 'Playdough' cookies that she and the children made. There were more of them, but I ate them. (Yes, they're edible. mm)
You may have noticed that 'Cupcake' won on my last poll. I voted for it... but almost voted for 'Popcorn'. (I actually thought 'Campout' would have done better.)

This poll I have up now is not as uplifting. Oh well.
The person I voted for (or against) I voted for without hesitation. I didn't even have to think about it. ... I'll tell you who I voted for when the poll is closed.

If you haven't voted yet... please do. (upper right)
In closing... here's a good thought:
Be yourself.... everyone else is already taken!


Being Beth said...

I just have to say, I LOVE the bridesmaid with the bloomers on the far right!

And those hands of Andrew's -- pure sweetness. I want to kiss them.

Elizabeth H. said...

Love it!!! I am keeping that bride/bridesmaids picture forever. Thank you again!!

Audrey said...

You have captured such precious moments! Such innocence charms and inspires us. Thank you Nancy!

Audrey said...
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