Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lots of lunch....

Busy has been my word lately.

But I've never been too busy for lunch!

Last week I had it with Audrey, my cousin whom many of you know from her blog that I’ve shared on Facebook.

Here we are at Macaroni Grill in Plano....

And click HERE to go to her blog.

Her blog does not tell of trivial trivia. It tells of being wrongly convicted and spending three years in prison. It is a horrific tale, and at the same time amazingly enlightening. Her recent post is WONDERFUL. Click HERE to read that particular post. Oh, and read the comments on that post. Audrey herself wrote the third comment, and it is GOOD!

I was talking to Sam about all that’s been happening lately and how I haven’t had my camera ready to capture it all (like lunch with Beth L., lunch with Peggy J., Mother's Parkwood ladies coming to the tea room for lunch, and today having lunch with him and Will (Bailey couldn't come).

I said, "Sam, I can't blog about it all, really - with or without pictures. There's just too much. And you know how everyone wants to know absolutely everything about me."

[From the look on his face I don't know if he agreed with that last statement.]

He said, "Take a picture of a blank wall, and say something like, 'here's the rest of my life that I can't blog about, since it's so much.'"
I said, "A BLANK wall?"
He said, "It's just for effect."

So here it is....
(If a caption comes to mind, please share it.   Me, I'm blank.)

[This blog post is an example of what happens when I don't know exactly what I'm going to blog about (except for the Audrey part) and I just sit down and start blogging.]

It can get so silly.

Stay tuned for a home tour of Amanda's house. I DID have my camera out for that.

Friday, February 25, 2011

After a long day...

...this is what I like...
Then the next day I like to look around Lone Star Antiques.

Here are some things I could find...

Lone Star's been having a sale. It ends the end of February.

Lone Star Antiques is located at 5605 Denton Highway, Haltom City, Texas.

It's one of my most favorite places in the whole world.
(I have a new poll up!)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A year away ...

.... from being 30 ... is Elizabeth! (Yesterday was her birthday.)
Here she is with her mother (my twin Peggy) years ago...

Now she has a family of her own...

I like to look closely at that picture. (I think it's priceless.)

Last night we celebrated her birthday, along with my mom's (whose birthday party was postponed twice because of the infamous winter weather earlier this month)...

It was a fun night. I wish, though, that I'd gotten a picture of everyone there... which included Will, Bailey, Laura, Ryan, John, Caroline, Andrew, Anna, AND my Aunt Helen and Uncle Frank! (And Sam and me, of course.)

Another VERY special birthday yesterday was SAWYER'S! Today he's one year old and a day.
Here he was last year...
And here he was last month...
Any day now he's going to start walking... so watch out, his cuteness will be everywhere!
Speaking of walking... Ryan is using a cane now! That's pretty major.
Well, as you know, there is craziness happening all over the world.
Thank you for taking a peak at my little corner.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Texas Trivia

Some of you know this trivia. But some of you live in Wisconsin, or Tennessee, and might not know all of it.
We must educate you!

Here goes:

Texas is as large as all of New England, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Illinois combined.

El Paso is closer to Needles, California than it is to Dallas.

The official dish of Texas is chili.

The official dance of Texas is the square dance.

The Amarillo airport has the 3rd largest runway in the world and is designated as an alternate landing site for the space shuttle.

The Dallas/Fort Worth airport is larger than New York City’s Manhattan Island.

Texas’ state motto is ‘Friendship’.

Topaz is Texas’ state gem.

The King Ranch in Texas is bigger than the state of Rhode Island.

Austin is considered the live music capital of the world.
Speaking of Austin, did you know it won on my poll that just closed - on in which town would you rather live? Houston did not get one single vote. You didn't know that Houston and Mabank had anything in common, did you? (Well, Mabank also got zero votes.)
San Antonio came in second, and Dallas a distant third.
Me, I voted for AUSTIN!!! 

I'll put other polls like that up in the future.

Check out my newest poll.... which is totally random ... All of the choices I like... but I have to decide.  So will you... if you take the poll... which I hope you do.
On a different note, I'm well. Stopping my world and getting off COMPLETELY is what works for me. I'm just blessed that I can do that. Thank you, Lord.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shiloh is an animal....

... after all.
That's him looking out the door, watching Laura and Ryan's dog, Akon, running around outside.

Now here's Akon, looking at me in the door...

I was excited about the two dogs getting together. It would be like Uncle Shiloh meeting nephew Akon.

Well, Shiloh did not like it not one single bit.
We didn't know that until we let him out the door.
We should have had a leash on him.
What were we thinking? Obviously we weren't thinking.

He races out and chases Akon who is on a leash with Laura. Akon bolts, leaving Laura in the dust.

Then the unthinkable happens: Shiloh begins fighting with Akon and has him by the throat. Shiloh does not heed our screams, 'NO SHILOH! STOP!' So Sam and Will try and intercede..... then we see blood. Literal blood. Turns out Sam is the one bleeding. We had thought Akon was, but then we think Sam's blood got on him. Anyway, one of the dogs collar was what drew the blood, not Shiloh's teeth.

(I know. It's shameless - but I had to go get my camera.  (Well, I didn't know at the time there was blood.))

So what would have happened if we'd left the dogs on their own? I would have liked to have thought that Shiloh would have just proven that he was the Alpha Male, and then they would play together happily. But attempted murder was what I actually thought (think).

Anyway, all is well now. And I've settled down enough that I can write about it.

 So Shiloh is just a dog, after all.

Well, that teaches me a lesson.  I'm just a human, after all.  He and I are both imperfect.   ...and we can still love each other.

On a different note, I'm in bed with a major sore throat.
If your name is Amanda then now you know why I didn't come to your party. (I'll send you a message.)

(Obviously I feel well enough to blog.   Well, I've had this post ready for some time...... I was just waiting for the time to be right to break it to you that Shiloh is just an animal.)

(I know. I get silly on this blog-thing.)


Friday, February 18, 2011


... I want to say thanks to all of you who wrote marriage advice.  I was impressed.  And it was all good.  No one wrote "Don't do it." Or "Never let your husband have the remote control."

And the comments about the advice were good. Thanks so much.

And thanks for taking my poll(s).  

Jeopardy won in the one that just closed. (Now there's a new one up.)

I voted for Family Feud. It's just a fun show, and something good to have on while exercising, or folding clothes, etc.  (I exercised once while watching it. ha)

Did you notice that Jeopardy has been in the news this week, what with the computer beating the humans?   Well, I'm not surprised that the computer won.  It has all that stored information ... and  it never goes through the insecurity of 'is this right or not? I can't decide'.

In closing I'll leave you with this...

Three thoughts by Steven Wright:

Cross country skiing is great if you live in a small country.
Curiosity killed the cat, but for a while I was a suspect.

Sponges grow in the ocean. That just kills me. I wonder how much deeper the ocean would be if that didn't happen.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Marriage advice from my Blog Readers!....

Wow. You, blog readers, are so wise. I love your advice!

Here it is!!

Be sure you're in it together. By it, I mean life. You're a team and together you take on the world.

Never, ever make fun of your spouse in public. Even if you are just teasing.

Don't fight. Negotiate.

Laugh a lot.

On those days when maybe you don't "like" each other so much, take time to remember what it is you LOVE about your spouse and TELL THEM.

Never nag.

Pray for your spouse often. At the very least once a day. Pray for his/her health, safety, well-being, job performance, happiness, faith, etc.

Don't make your Facebook status a criticism of your spouse.

Don't go to bed mad - if possible.

Don't flirt with anybody but your spouse.

Let criticism BE GONE!!!

Don't keep secrets.

Look nice at home.

Learn each other's Love Language and "speak" it often.

Show each other respect.


Don't hold grudges.


Don't take yourself too seriously.

Relax together.

Be intimate.

Intentionally set aside time to be together.

Don't think that marriage is a 50/50 partnership. Its 100/100. Even if you feel like your spouse isn't measuring up all the time.

Show a genuine interest and appreciation for your spouse's hobbies and make time to take part in them.

Travel the world and see new places together.

Cook dinner as a couple.

Give random gifts for no reason at all.

When your spouse isn't making sense to you, try with all your might to see it from their perspective. Remember men and women quite often do not process or see things the same way.

Trust is giant.

Love trumps everything.

Do not go to bed mad at each other.

It's okay to agree to disagree.

Pray together. The strength you two will feel as sit in God's hands together is awesome and will flow through everything you do.

Read HIS NEEDS HER NEEDS by Willard Harley

Don’t expect your spouse to meet all your emotional needs. That’s so not fair to your spouse.

Seek to love your spouse unconditionally.

Always kiss goodbye.

 Is that not great?

Thanks, everyone!!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Polls... and an assignment

On my Valentine's poll 21 out of 38 votes went for dinner reservations. Since you know I love to eat out you know my vote.
'Card' got 8, 'flowers' 7, and 'candy' 2. Now that surprised me. I thought flowers would get more votes. Of course flowers fade and die, and cards last forever... and candy goes straight to the hips.

On the poll before that more people liked the wedding ceremony than the reception, rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. I voted for the rehearsal dinner - then changed my vote to the reception. That's when it's all over and everyone can relax. I was, frankly, surprised that the ceremony won.... but then, that IS the main part of the wedding.

Well, as with any obsession, these polls are getting out of control. Nah. Just kidding. I like them. And think it's okay to like them... and do them. (Another random one is up.)

On a kind of different note, I'm thinking that you might think (from my yesterday's post) that my marriage is out-of-this-world wonderful. While it is, there are days and moments and seconds where we each roll our eyes and wonder what-on-earth the other one is thinking.

And there are days where routine just seems so routine. But that’s the way life is. And I’m just glad my routine is with Sam.
So here's my assignment for you (if you don't mind).
Please answer the following question..... 
What marriage advice would you give an engaged couple? (like our nephew John, and his fiancee, Katie)

You can leave a comment on the blog - or a comment on facebook - and I’ll compile them and post them soon, okay?
Oh, and keep them short, please.
And you can write more than one. Oh yes.
And you don’t have to be married to give advice.

Really, I hope you leave something -- and it can be anonymous.

In case you need help, here’s an example: Don’t roll your eyes in public when your spouse says or does anything.

I would so appreciate your doing my assignment. THANKS!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine....

I met sam in the fall of 1977. We recognized each other from Baylor (we both graduated the same day in ’74), but had never really ‘met’. ... until that Sunday at South Cliff Baptist Church in Fort Worth. We both went to hear Jack Taylor speak. (Taylor was famous back then for some books he’d written.)
Anyway, Sam and I were members of different churches, me- Birchman Ave. Baptist and Sam - Gambrell Street Baptist. So I guess we can credit Jack Taylor for us getting together.
Sam came over to my pew and asked if he could sit by me. (He knew my roommate, Erene, who was sitting with me.)
Then he called later in the week and asked if I wanted to go to a Baylor football game. I said, “Yes! Who is this?” ... Ha, that’s the way he tells it.
Anyway, long story short - we got engaged four months later and married six months after that. That was 32 1/2 years ago.

Oh, every single moment isn’t lovey-dovey, ooey-gooey.

And he's not perfect... thank goodness. That way he can live with imperfect me.

But he is just right


He is so wise. The wisest person I know. And he can make me laugh. I love that.

My mom is amazed at how often we talk to each other everyday on the phone. Well, she and Daddy didn’t have cell phones back in their day. Or texting. Sam and I can text while he’s in a meeting.... and talk on the phone with our hands-free phones while driving. NO. WE DO NOT TEXT WHILE WE DRIVE.

Anyway, we are always communicating. And he is my best friend. My very best.

I thank God everyday for him.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Honey!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Cards....

aren't what they used to be.
(Well, children's cards, anyway.)

If you're my age you know what I mean.

Here are three old ones
that I photographed
from Delta's booth.
(Thanks, Delta.)
They bring back such wonderful memories.

And yet, anxious memories...

Back then everyone gave a Valentine
to everyone else
in the class.

And each Valentine
was unique.

Peggy and I
would spend what
seemed like hours
going through
the cards...
trying so very hard
to not give
any boy
a Valentine
that said
about love.

But there was a time I did. I can't remember who got it (thanks to repressed memory) ... but some boy got one that said that I loved him.

It was a total accident. Total.

When you're in the fifth grade everything is major.

Well, now I have a boy whom I want to get all of my 'I Love You' cards.

I'll write about him and our love tomorrow.
If you haven't taken my poll (upper right), please do so. Thanks.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Monday is Valentine's Day.... here are some Valentine-type cards... and a knock-knock...


Knock Knock
Who's there?
Olive who?
Olive you!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


who turned 27 yesterday!!! .... (yes, on my mom's birthday).... (but I want to give John his own day)....

Of course, I couldn't blog about John without putting up some old pictures....
That's him with Laura's rat, Cleo.   Or it may have been Ashley.  (Laura had 2 rats as a child.)
Anyway, John did what I would never do... let a rat crawl around on my person.  Horrors.

This next picture is of John and his cousin, Will....
(John is an accomplished trumpeter now.... as well as an opera singer.... and a photographer... and a world traveler... a banker...and many other things.)

Here he is with his dad (Sam's brother, Steve) and Will.  (John is the one yawning.) (John and Will are six months apart in age.)

I have to say this next thing just so you know who he is (but he is his own person, of course): he's Rob's brother.
(Many of my blog-readers know Rob.) 

Anyway, he had a birthday yesterday.

I do hope you blog-readers take my poll that I put up earlier today. (Upper right)   Thanks!
(And I hope you blog-readers don't expect me to honor you on your birthday - I just can't do everyone.... but I had to do John-Boy!)

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Today is the day . . .

... that the pretty girl in the back row is having a birthday!!...

Here she is with my dad...

Here they are with my sister and me....

Here she is years later, on what she says was one of her happiest days of her life...
Yes, that's the day Peggy and I graduated from Baylor. (Mother had to work her way through college, which took many years - and finally - when we were four years old - she got her degree from (then called) Pan American College in Edinburg, TX.)

Here she is with my dad again...

Here they are with little Will and baby Laura (my kids)...

Here she is with Laura, and Teri and Sandy at a family reunion....

Now here she is with her oldest great-grandchild, Caroline....

And with Andrew....

And with Anna...

And here she is Christmas '09....

She has always been gorgeous.

And the beauty has always been inside and out.


Trivia Tuesday

The word “infant” is from the Latin for “unable to speak".
 Ah, but that little baby speaks volumes, don't you think? 😊 ---------...