Thursday, February 10, 2011


who turned 27 yesterday!!! .... (yes, on my mom's birthday).... (but I want to give John his own day)....

Of course, I couldn't blog about John without putting up some old pictures....
That's him with Laura's rat, Cleo.   Or it may have been Ashley.  (Laura had 2 rats as a child.)
Anyway, John did what I would never do... let a rat crawl around on my person.  Horrors.

This next picture is of John and his cousin, Will....
(John is an accomplished trumpeter now.... as well as an opera singer.... and a photographer... and a world traveler... a banker...and many other things.)

Here he is with his dad (Sam's brother, Steve) and Will.  (John is the one yawning.) (John and Will are six months apart in age.)

I have to say this next thing just so you know who he is (but he is his own person, of course): he's Rob's brother.
(Many of my blog-readers know Rob.) 

Anyway, he had a birthday yesterday.

I do hope you blog-readers take my poll that I put up earlier today. (Upper right)   Thanks!
(And I hope you blog-readers don't expect me to honor you on your birthday - I just can't do everyone.... but I had to do John-Boy!)

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Carmack said...

Thanks so much Nancy. :) I'll tell Katie about the post, I bet she'll like it a lot.


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