Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lots of lunch....

Busy has been my word lately.

But I've never been too busy for lunch!

Last week I had it with Audrey, my cousin whom many of you know from her blog that I’ve shared on Facebook.

Here we are at Macaroni Grill in Plano....

And click HERE to go to her blog.

Her blog does not tell of trivial trivia. It tells of being wrongly convicted and spending three years in prison. It is a horrific tale, and at the same time amazingly enlightening. Her recent post is WONDERFUL. Click HERE to read that particular post. Oh, and read the comments on that post. Audrey herself wrote the third comment, and it is GOOD!

I was talking to Sam about all that’s been happening lately and how I haven’t had my camera ready to capture it all (like lunch with Beth L., lunch with Peggy J., Mother's Parkwood ladies coming to the tea room for lunch, and today having lunch with him and Will (Bailey couldn't come).

I said, "Sam, I can't blog about it all, really - with or without pictures. There's just too much. And you know how everyone wants to know absolutely everything about me."

[From the look on his face I don't know if he agreed with that last statement.]

He said, "Take a picture of a blank wall, and say something like, 'here's the rest of my life that I can't blog about, since it's so much.'"
I said, "A BLANK wall?"
He said, "It's just for effect."

So here it is....
(If a caption comes to mind, please share it.   Me, I'm blank.)

[This blog post is an example of what happens when I don't know exactly what I'm going to blog about (except for the Audrey part) and I just sit down and start blogging.]

It can get so silly.

Stay tuned for a home tour of Amanda's house. I DID have my camera out for that.


Myra J said...

This isn't your wall. Your's would have lots of graffitti since you are soooooo busy...Things like
"Love ya Nancy!"

Diana said...

I second that!!!

Audrey said...

Imagination! With this textured wall it leaves everything to the imagination,,,which it's good must remain somewhat mysterious with your readers. Now I will tell you if you look at that textured wall long enough (like clouds) you will start to see things. So, for instance, I see a T-Rex in the far left center and he is going after something. There are other things....faces with big name it, it's there. You are forever entertaining us. And...lunch was are always fun to be with.

Nancy said...

I'm hitting a 'love it' button for each of those comments!

Thanks so much!

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