Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine....

I met sam in the fall of 1977. We recognized each other from Baylor (we both graduated the same day in ’74), but had never really ‘met’. ... until that Sunday at South Cliff Baptist Church in Fort Worth. We both went to hear Jack Taylor speak. (Taylor was famous back then for some books he’d written.)
Anyway, Sam and I were members of different churches, me- Birchman Ave. Baptist and Sam - Gambrell Street Baptist. So I guess we can credit Jack Taylor for us getting together.
Sam came over to my pew and asked if he could sit by me. (He knew my roommate, Erene, who was sitting with me.)
Then he called later in the week and asked if I wanted to go to a Baylor football game. I said, “Yes! Who is this?” ... Ha, that’s the way he tells it.
Anyway, long story short - we got engaged four months later and married six months after that. That was 32 1/2 years ago.

Oh, every single moment isn’t lovey-dovey, ooey-gooey.

And he's not perfect... thank goodness. That way he can live with imperfect me.

But he is just right


He is so wise. The wisest person I know. And he can make me laugh. I love that.

My mom is amazed at how often we talk to each other everyday on the phone. Well, she and Daddy didn’t have cell phones back in their day. Or texting. Sam and I can text while he’s in a meeting.... and talk on the phone with our hands-free phones while driving. NO. WE DO NOT TEXT WHILE WE DRIVE.

Anyway, we are always communicating. And he is my best friend. My very best.

I thank God everyday for him.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Honey!


Diana said...

(Holding my hand over my heart!) Aww, Nancy, thanks for sharing Sam (and your love story) with us... Loorved it!

sara [at] journey of doing said...

Awwww, I love you guys!!!!!!! And I love the "Yes... now who is this?!" too funny!!

Congratulations on your wonderful love and life! 32.5 years is a long time! :)

Anonymous said...

So sweet Momma. I am so blessed to have parents who love each other so much!

Anonymous said...

It's all true and even better. Love you. Sam

Elizabeth H. said...

So wonderful! Your marriage is an inspiration to me.

Love Sam's comment!!

Audrey said...

What a wonderful post and loving wife you are! You and Sam are the best! Love to both of you.

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