Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Polls... and an assignment

On my Valentine's poll 21 out of 38 votes went for dinner reservations. Since you know I love to eat out you know my vote.
'Card' got 8, 'flowers' 7, and 'candy' 2. Now that surprised me. I thought flowers would get more votes. Of course flowers fade and die, and cards last forever... and candy goes straight to the hips.

On the poll before that more people liked the wedding ceremony than the reception, rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. I voted for the rehearsal dinner - then changed my vote to the reception. That's when it's all over and everyone can relax. I was, frankly, surprised that the ceremony won.... but then, that IS the main part of the wedding.

Well, as with any obsession, these polls are getting out of control. Nah. Just kidding. I like them. And think it's okay to like them... and do them. (Another random one is up.)

On a kind of different note, I'm thinking that you might think (from my yesterday's post) that my marriage is out-of-this-world wonderful. While it is, there are days and moments and seconds where we each roll our eyes and wonder what-on-earth the other one is thinking.

And there are days where routine just seems so routine. But that’s the way life is. And I’m just glad my routine is with Sam.
So here's my assignment for you (if you don't mind).
Please answer the following question..... 
What marriage advice would you give an engaged couple? (like our nephew John, and his fiancee, Katie)

You can leave a comment on the blog - or a comment on facebook - and I’ll compile them and post them soon, okay?
Oh, and keep them short, please.
And you can write more than one. Oh yes.
And you don’t have to be married to give advice.

Really, I hope you leave something -- and it can be anonymous.

In case you need help, here’s an example: Don’t roll your eyes in public when your spouse says or does anything.

I would so appreciate your doing my assignment. THANKS!!!


sara [at] journey of doing said...

Be sure you're in it together. By it, I mean life. You're a team and together you take on the world.

Anonymous said...

Don't fight. Negotiate.

Anonymous said...

Laugh a lot

Anonymous said...

Never nag.

Anonymous said...

Pray for your spouse often. At the very least once a day. Pray for his/her health, safety, well-being, job performance, happiness, faith, etc.

Anonymous said...

Don't make your Facebook status a criticism of your spouse.

Don't go to bed mad - if possible.

Don't flirt with anybody but your spouse.


Janie said...

Let criticism BE GONE!!!

Don't keep secrets.

Look nice at home.

Elizabeth H. said...

-Learn each other's Love Language and "speak" it often.
-Show each other respect.
-Don't hold grudges.
-Don't take yourself too seriously.
-Relax together.
-Be intimate.
-Intentionally set aside time to be together.

I like reading these!

Anonymous said...

Don't think that marriage is a 50/50 partnership. Its 100/100. Even if you feel like your spouse isn't measuring up all the time.

Anonymous said...

Show a genuine interest and appreciation for your spouse's hobbies and make time to take part in them.

Travel the world and see new places together.

Cook dinner as a couple.

Give random gifts for no reason at all.

Audrey said...

When your spouse isn't making sense to you, try with all your might to see it from their perspective. Remember men and women quite often do not process or see things the same way.

Trust is giant.

Love trumps everything.

Do not go to bed mad at each other.

It's okay to agree to disagree.

Audrey said...

Woops! one more but so important:

Pray together. The strength you two will feel as sit in God's hands together is awesome and will flow through everything you do.

Nancy said...

Wow. I love all these comments.
I'm going to post them all.... for the world to see... (well, my blog readers anyway. - Oh, that's YOU!)

Seriously, they are GREAT.

Anonymous said...

Read HIS NEEDS HER NEEDS by Willard Harley.

Anonymous said...

Whenever You're wrong, admit it;
And whenever you're right..... Shut Up !!!

Anonymous said...

Try not to leave your towel on the bathroom floor.

Anonymous said...

Don’t expect your spouse to meet all your emotional needs. That’s so not fair to your spouse.

Anonymous said...

Seek to love your spouse unconditionally.

Myra J said...

Always kiss goodbye.

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