Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day Cards....

aren't what they used to be.
(Well, children's cards, anyway.)

If you're my age you know what I mean.

Here are three old ones
that I photographed
from Delta's booth.
(Thanks, Delta.)
They bring back such wonderful memories.

And yet, anxious memories...

Back then everyone gave a Valentine
to everyone else
in the class.

And each Valentine
was unique.

Peggy and I
would spend what
seemed like hours
going through
the cards...
trying so very hard
to not give
any boy
a Valentine
that said
about love.

But there was a time I did. I can't remember who got it (thanks to repressed memory) ... but some boy got one that said that I loved him.

It was a total accident. Total.

When you're in the fifth grade everything is major.

Well, now I have a boy whom I want to get all of my 'I Love You' cards.

I'll write about him and our love tomorrow.
If you haven't taken my poll (upper right), please do so. Thanks.


Lizza said...
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Being Beth said...

I miss the old valentine cards too. I like them better that the ones out today.

I too had major headaches making sure that my best friend got the best card, and the same with the boys - I would have died a thousand deaths if I'd ever done what you did.

And then when I actually had a crush on a boy and he sent me a valentine that said "Love" I was so happy until my best friend told me he sent her the same thing and it said "Love" too. My crush crushed me. LOL!

Great post, fun poll too!

Being Beth said...

Made a little mistake, so I deleted, just so you know. I'm sure you can figure out what I did, haha!

Audrey said...

Great fun and interesting memories...choosing just the right card for each person was time consuming....I remember! Happy Valentine's Day!

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