Monday, February 7, 2011

Will and Bailey got married!

It happened in Oct... and now I have all the wonderful pictures.
Here are just a few (click on any picture to make it larger)....

(Notice in that above picture who only has eyes for Bailey.)

That last picture is of the bride and groom and their two attendants: Flower Girl Caroline and Ring-Bearer Andrew. (I love that picture.)  (Well, I love all the pictures.)

(If you want a wonderful Fort Worth area wedding photographer - or Valentine's - or anything - go to

(I also know a great photographer in Austin, Marian Adrian; and another great one in Dallas, Sara Elizabeth Miller. .... Just ask me and I'll get you the info.)

(Oh, and I have an iPhone camera.) 


Being Beth said...

That last line cracked me up! So funny. I agree -- Caroline is such a good photographer.

I keep wanting to choose a favorite out of this post, but I can't -- they are all so good.

Marian said...

Looks like a great wedding! (Thanks for the plug!)

alice said...

The pictures are treasures!!

Audrey said...

Beautiful, intimate, sweet, so much love. How wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

Sara Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the shoutout... you're sweet.

I love, love, love, love the picture of Will and Bailey dancing. It's still my fav.

The cake looks good, too. Who did it? :)

Anonymous said...

Such a fun time!


Nancy said...

Thanks for all the wonderful comments, folks!

Sara, a friend of Bailey's made the cake. Not only was it beautiful... it was delicious. (It was SPICE cake... yum! - and so great for fall.)

Sara Elizabeth said...

It turned out gorgeous!