Saturday, March 19, 2011

Break Time

I’m thinking about taking a blog break and Facebook break for a few - maybe several - days.

I’ve been busy-busy doin’ stuff and well, there are some books I need (want) to read and well, blogging and checking FB can consume my time... which means those books aren’t getting read.

I’m also needing to get some exercise, but all I want to do with my free time is sit in front of this computer.

I’m getting decisive!

And though I don’t actually think I need (want) an hour a day for exercise ... this cartoon DOES speak to me...

So I will see you later.

(It could be sooner rather than later... depending on the withdrawal symptoms.)


Anonymous said...

ha, a very blunt cartoon.

good luck on your break! it is a good idea. maybe when you come back you can try to do internet stuff in moderation--like only every other day or for one hour a day or something.

Nancy said...

Good idea, Laura!

Nancy said...

Okay. NOW I'm going to get off the blog!!

Audrey said...

GREAT POST!!! I know what you mean, its an exercise in self discipline for sure. I love the cartoon. We'll miss you...good luck with your mission.

Being Beth said...

I totally understand.

I'm trying to do that too. I give myself 15 minutes in the morning, 15 minutes at my lunch break, 15 minutes before bed, and trying to write my blog a day ahead after I've done my other writing. I'm thinking of changing my blog posts to MWF. From what I've read, so long as your readers know when to expect posts, you won't lose them.

So far, it's working better for me. That's about one hour and 15 minutes per day. Much better than the 4-5 hours I was doing.

We'll be here whenever you show up. Oh, and good for you!!!

Diana Corpus Garza said...

I'll miss you but I know, I know. I've been reading more and loving it. I was watching Dr. Oz on Good morning America he has a great schedule for living. I've implemented it and I have to admit - its given me some control. I think you have a book that needs to be written inside you, Nancy. Hope your break is everything you want it to be.