Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Heads Up...

I'm going to give you 'a heads up'.

['A heads up' is an interesting expression, don't you think?]

Well, that's what I'm going to give you....

Here's my 'heads up': I'm thinking about changing my blog name.

"Minding My Own Business" is really not true.
I mind everybody ELSE'S business.

So for this moment I'm trying out 'Coffee Break' as my blog name. I'll try out other titles and maybe even have a poll to find out which one you like the best.
Speaking of interesting expressions (as we were doing), have you noticed that 'No problem' is EVERYWHERE?

Sam and I were eating out the other day and the young waitress brought us our food. We said, 'Thank You', and she said 'No problem'.

I almost yelled at her, 'Of course it's no problem! I'm the paying customer!'

(Well, I've wanted to say that many times lately.)

[I think we need to teach our young people how to say "You're welcome", don't you?!?!]
Another expression is 'at the end of the day'.

That expression is everywhere.

And all I want to say is, 'at the end of the day is night time!'

[I'm used to saying (and hearing), 'When all is said and done.']

So speech changes.

When we were in Brazil back in the early 80's Sam's brother and his family (Rob was 2 1/2) came to see us.
Somehow we got to talking about back in the States and what was 'in'.
I remember Steve saying, "An expression that's used all the time nowadays when you're disgusted is 'gag with me with a spoon.'"

Well, Sam and I were all ready to say that when we came back to the States and when we got home (2 years later) no one was saying 'gag me with a spoon'!!!

[Well, now I'm blogging about it, at least.]

Clearly there's not much to blog about tonight.
Oh, I DID get a good health report today!

So here's my 'heads up': at the end of the day, no problem!!!


lydia chumbley said...

Oh Nancy, i agree! No problem is one of my pet peeves. What happened to your welcome?!!

Audrey said...

When all is said and done...more is said, than done. Isn't that what your dad used to say?

I liked "Minding My Own Business"...there was humor in that!!

Well, no problem...gotta go..or am I to say You're welcome?

Heather bee said...

"No problem" is a really bad habit. I had to break it recently when I filled in at a "fine dining" restaurant for my friend. Had the manager correct me on a phone call and said "no problem implies there was a problem to begin with. Instead say "absolutely"!" I now use that all the time on the phone.

Dennis and Dawna said...

Maybe you should call your blog "at the end of the day." ;-)

Bobbie said...

We cruise a lot on Royal Caribbean and their crew members always say "my pleasure" when they do something for you. Love that. We've also had them tell us that they appreciate being told "thank you" when they bring us tea or whatever. I guess we (us?) Texans are just polite like that. I always thank the waiter, sales folks, etc. Doesn't everybody?

Anonymous said...

well since you're the paying customer and so entitled to getting your food, saying "thank you" seems kind of moot too. Instead of saying "no problem" would you rather her just say "I didn't have a choice, you are the paying customer."

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