Sunday, March 13, 2011

I wasn't too crazy....

... about losing that hour of sleep last night.

I do like Daylight Savings time, however.

I feel for parents of young children... and owners of needy pets, though.
The time change can be challenging for them.

Thank goodness Shiloh isn't 'needy'. His bed is by our bed and he doesn't get up until I get up... whenever that is.
(He's been a good boy all the way around lately.)
(That's him on the right - with my feet in my favorite Clarks' sandals.)

In other news, our son-in-law Ryan went back to work last week... 2 months after breaking his leg in nine places when a snowboarder plowed into him. From what I hear he had a good transition back. (He's a Registered Nurse, working at Parkland Hospital in Dallas.)(We're so proud of him.)

In other news, we went to a beautiful wedding in Waco last night.
It was Sam's cousin Dawna's daughter Katie's wedding.

At the reception we ate with Ken and Pat (Sam's sister). Standing is Pat and Sam's cousin Marsha, aunt of the bride.....
The food was delicious. It was from GEORGE'S and it was fajitas! That's my kind of reception food!

Speaking of food, I've found a yummy frozen entree for two that is DELISH! Well, it would have to be if it was (is) from P.F. Chang's.
I just added rice... and it was a meal.
(Oh, it's not the cheapest thing in the frozen food section.)

Well, that's it for today.

I guess putting a gorgeous wedding in the middle of all that (the dog and the frozen food) is not the most appropriate thing.

I'm going to hit 'publish' anyway.

(I'm trying to get away from perfectionism.)

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sara [at] journey of doing said...

My mom loves those pf Chang meals too. I should try them

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