Thursday, March 24, 2011

New favorite....

I have a new favorite movie, NATIONAL VELVET...

Sam and I watched it (since it's been in the news, what with Elizabeth Taylor's death) ... and I must say: I LOVED it.

Oh, and the mother of Velvet Brown - Mrs. Brown - is now one of my favorite characters in ANY movie.

She is so wise. So very wise.
Speaking of being wise, I think I'm getting there.

I've realized that I need to stop the madness ... and not be online every moment of every free moment.

I've removed the 'bookmarks' to,,,, Foxnews.
Yes, I've been a news junkee.

Enough, I say!!!
(Notice the new poll.)
(I have a new blog name I'm trying out tonight.)
In closing, here's (another) quote I like....
“I am as old, not as my arteries, but as my attitudes.”
- E. Stanley Jones
Have a great weekend! (Tomorrow's Friday!)


Being Beth said...

I like "Nancy's Nook!!!!" That's perfect!

Another hard poll. I could have used a "None of the above" button to click. Now, if you had put Lone Star Antiques, it would have been a simple poll. LOL!

I must see National Velvet. I think I've seen it, but it was decades ago, and I really don't remember much about it - and most certainly don't remember Mrs. Brown. YOur review made me want to watch it. I need all the wise mothering I can get, even if it's through an imaginary character.

Maria said...

Sometimes you just need a "none of these" in the poll. And I just saw Beth's comment to the left of this box! - World Market, Market Street, Hobby Lobby.

I like Nancy's Nook, too.

Maria said...

So now I see Hobby Lobby. I'm tired.

Anonymous said...

I like Nancy's Nook, it's a cozy name.


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