Monday, March 21, 2011

Okay ...

... I'm back ... so I can show you some pictures of my new granddog!!!

She's Will and Bailey's new puppy.
Her name is Olive.

She's one month old.

They got her at an animal shelter.

And she is DARLING!!!!

(You'll have to ask them what kind of dog she is.)

She seems to get a long fine with her cat-sisters, Pretzel and Tambourine... and as long as Tambourine keeps from hissing at her.

(Pretzel's the one on the couch, Tambourine is the one getting ready to hiss at Olive.)
There's a new poll.

And yes, I HAVE spent less time on the computer these last few hours!


Audrey said...

Ohhhh,what a sweety!! Hey! Welcome back! If I were a betting woman, I'd be rich right now... I didn't think you'd be gone long. You are a natural, great blogger! A publishing fiend. An author! You've got a talent. When will you put together a book...a devotional? A blogger's delight? Waiting....

Nancy said...

Ha, Audrey! That's funny.
And you make me feel good!!!


Anonymous said...

So sweet! Can't wait to meet her!

Being Beth said...

OH how I love puppies! This little Olive is adorable! Love the photo of Will and Bailey too!

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