Sunday, March 27, 2011

Prince William...

... is getting married soon.

For his groom's cake he's decided to have a 'cookie cake'.  Click HERE to read about it.

I'm suspecting that Rich Tea Biscuits are going to become quite popular now. I wonder if WORLD MARKET might have some? Mmm.

At our weddings (well, Laura's and then Will's last year) they did some different things. Laura had cupcakes for her wedding cake and Ryan had cheesecake for the groom's cake. Will and Bailey just had one cake - and it was a delicious spice cake - which I thought was great for autumn- and it had two little squirrels on top.

How fun is all that?
On a different note, trying to not spend so much time on my blog is like trying to diet. The more I think about not eating so much, the more I want to eat.

(I'm trying to explain my obsession with my blog name.)

Well, I've narrowed my choices down for a blog name and will let my blog readers have a 'say' in my newest poll... though the decision will be mine.

As in every naming process it's fun to brainstorm, don't you think?

Some choices (of the many) that I have ruled out are:
"News and Notes from Nancy's Nest"

"Chips and Salsa"

"Nancy's Noodles"

"Thrillin' and Chillin'"

"Bloggin' Along"

"Sugar and Spice with Nancy Nice"

[I didn't seriously consider at least one of those.]

On a totally different note, Rob (Carmack) did a fantastic job preaching this morning.
You can hear his message if you click HERE (which is Fellowship of the Parks' website) and go down to "For Everyone" and click 'Media'... and you can listen to the message. (Rob's is at the Keller campus.)

Speaking of the church, our pastor, Doug Walker, ran in a half marathon today in Dallas. He must have done well. He got a medal!
Here he is with his 3 sons...
That picture was supposed to be bigger.
(I guess getting pictures off of Facebook isn't what it used to be.)
(So much for stealing.)


Allison L said...

I will be at the royal wedding! I will send you photos for your blog :) and i like "Nancy's Noodles"!

Nancy said...

Allison! You'll be at the royal wedding?!?!

'Whoa', I say again!!!!!!!!!!!!

Audrey said...

I've been shuffling through my papers and I can't seem to find my invitation. But Allison, you must send Nancy pictures. I was a big fan of Princess Di and I feel as though I must follow her kids to make sure they are alright!:)

How about "Nancy's Noggin"

That addiction thing can be down right consuming. Ron starts taking the clothes out of the dryer (still damp) saying he's helping gets me up off the computer everytime.

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