Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Eve...

It's getting late. (10:21 pm - Saturday night)

Sam is sleeping.

I'm wide awake.

Today has been BUSY-BUSY... but FUN-FUN.

I look forward to posting pictures of a little girl I know who went and saw an Easter show at her great grandmother's retirement center.

Well, I can't resist: Here are two teaser-pictures (more will come)....

Oh, and I have some other pictures that I took in the tea room today.... of a party of ladies from a church... but I'll just wait to show you those (they're a hoot)....
Oh, I should have taken pictures of baby Witten. He's the little fellow I held for an hour and a half in the nursery at Fellowship of the Parks in Keller tonight. I found out he was born in November 2010, which means he is the exact age of little Anna! Well, that made me hug him tighter, as I held him.

Here's a recent picture of Anna (that her mommy (my wonderful niece Elizabeth) took) that I LOVE!!!!!!
(This picture makes you smile, doesn't it?)
Well, you know what tomorrow is: EASTER!!!! (Unless you're reading this tomorrow - then today is EASTER!!!!)

Here's what I'm doing: I'm going to be at Fellowship of the Parks, Keller (9900 North Beach Street, Keller, TX) at eleven o'clock tomorrow morning (April 24). If you want to sit with me... I'll be waiting in the lobby inside the front door on the right. I'll get there about 10:45. I'll wait till maybe 11:05 and then I'll go inside the auditorium.
If you come - you don't have to dress up - even with it being Easter - unless you want to dress up.

Click HERE for their website.

I'll be there....... I WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU!!!!!!!!

Here's a poster I found for EASTER:

Isn't that GREAT?!?

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Audrey said...

Such sweet pictures!! Its 10:37, almost time to meet you! Sending happy Easter wishes and love.

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