Thursday, April 14, 2011

I have a long list...

. . . of things I need to get done.
All I want to do is write these things...

I saw some beautiful wildflowers on my way to and from Oklahoma City this week. I would have taken some pictures, but since I was driving I thought I better refrain.

Speaking of doing something while you're driving, I was on Glade the other day, going west right after the Pool/Jackson roundabout/intersection. I was almost hit by an ongoing car. You know what I'm going to say next: that person was texting! Well, or dialing on her cell phone ... or something. I was furious. My first thought: that lady is going to get blogged!!!

On a different note, I've decided to go gray, uh blonde.
There is a 'Going Gray' website that I found... and they suggest (as did my hairdresser) that I go lighter, so as not to look like a skunk - with the skunk stripe... in the process of letting my hair go gray.
They even have a site called 'Skunk Club Unite!'.... Click HERE to go there.
Who knew about this subculture?
Now YOU do!
(That is not a picture of me.)

I may delete his post.
It might border on 'Too Much Information'.
(Ah, but I'm not ready to show you my picture.)

(Oh, and to answer your question: I don't think that blondes have that much more fun.)


Audrey said...

I am learning that gray is not so bad. My own mom was premature gray and I always thought she was pretty. Now I am there (not prematurely) and I think it is okay. My thoughts are along the line, of I earned this gray. Maybe its an indication of more wisdom. You know...the older you get, the wiser you are (don't know about that!). Maybe its about allowing us to grow old gracefully. OR, maybe we all just need to take more vitamins. But this skunk culture is something else....I'll have to check it out. You see Nancy, every blog is an education!! What did we ever do before blogs or copy machines?

Glad you missed that accident!

Peggy said...

Oh, Nancy...I never thought I'd get gray hair, but I seem to have this very "blonde" shade on my left hairdresser says it just looks like I've highlighted my hair, but it is gray! I did earn every bit of it...8th grade Science for 22 years!!! Not the Science, but the 8th-graders...

I love your blog and your new name!

Diana said...

Having gone gray at 34 I decided early on not to hair grows so fast I'd be touching it up every other week. It was hard especially when one's husband is five years older and barely getting gray. Then suddenly,I didn't give a hoot and now my hair is getting darker - weird!! What felt even stranger was growing my hair from short to long after so many years of wearing it short. As I grow older I want the no fuss, no brainer hairdo, but when I say my hair grows fast I'm not kidding. Now that's another subject...short hair versus long hair...hmmm.

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