Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I have my own sugar sticks!

Yesterday afternoon I performed at my mother's retirement center.
(Thanks, Carla, for praying!!! ... And thanks, Will, for setting up!!! ... and thanks, Mother, for all the years of lessons, and sitting with me while I practiced!!!)

It was an hour long of playing and singing romantic oldies, then a few country westerns, and then two gospel songs.

Ah, and like preachers have their 'sugar sticks' (sermons that are great - and they can do in a pinch - you know, like at a visiting church) - I realized during my program that I have my own 'sugar sticks'.
Really. There were a few songs that I did particularly well - and that I noticed the audience REALLY got into.  That last part (the audience) made me know what were my 'sugar sticks'.   It's not that they thought I was doing them so great - but they KNEW them really well-- and got into them (singing along with smiles on their faces, and patting their hands on the tables, and nodding their heads all around). 

Those 'sugar sticks'?
"Sentimental Journey"
"Tennessee Waltz"
Pat Boone's "It Is No Secret"

Don't you just love music?
Especially the old songs you remember from days gone by?


I'll be humming a lot today.


Being Beth said...

I've never heardthe term "sugar sticks" before, but I LOVE it!!!

I also really like your sugar sticks - those are great songs, ones I grew up with that were my parents favorite songs.

I have a feeling I'm going to be humming Sentimental Journey all day.

That's a pretty good ear worm to have today!


Audrey said...

You have such a lovely voice and such a gift with must have a suitcase full of sugar sticks...for sure! You also have a gift with words...saying just the right thing at the right time...sharing the gift that many preachers have. Thank you for being such an inspiration through your blog also...providing us a place to come and relax in the busyness of this Internet.

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