Friday, April 1, 2011

On the agenda today...

(I've been wanting to put that up for a while.)
[For now this place is called NANCY'S NOOK.]
(I CAN make a decision! -- for now.)
Oh, Sam is doing great.
(I just love facebook and blogging. I mean, who would have ever believed 40 years ago that my high school classmates would know that my husband had sinus surgery this week? And that they would care?)

Life is sweet.
(A new random poll is up.)


Being Beth said...

That's my kind of to do list - as of two weeks ago, anyway, haha!

I'm glad Sam is recovering and doing well. Yea!!!

I like Nancy's Nook. Great name for your blog. Great decision making too!!!

Sara Elizabeth said...

I like that list. :) I approve.

Laurentina said...

LOL...LOL...Looks like my everyday list!!!