Friday, May 20, 2011

Doodle that!

Sometime ago I wrote on this blog about the benefits of doodling.
Click HERE to go to a great article about that.

Well, today TIME magazine's website has an article about the winner of the Google doodle contest. Turns out a second grader won!
Click HERE to go to that article.

I had written about Sylvia Macbeth's book PRAYING IN COLOR on using doodling in prayer.

Click HERE to go to a part of that author's website... which is wonderful, in my humble opinion.

Well, I've kept up the doodling.

I'll do it while watching the news.
Here's an example...

I'll also do it if I'm working on memorizing/meditating on a Bible verse...

Or when I'm praying...
(Thanks for letting me show you some of my private doodles.)
(That's pretty self-revealing, I now.)

I think the 'tactileness' of praying like that, or working on Scripture like that, or just talking to yourself like that... is great.

'Course I have more time than I used to... but I think anybody could benefit from doodling productively.
Or doodling nonproductively!

Oh, and did you know you can frame your doodles and decorate with them?
Here's a picture I found on that....
I think that's great.
Have a great weekend!

And stay tuned for a blog post with a picture of Laura and Linh.... and a picture of darling Kenzie! (You'll want to meet Kenzie.)


Audrey said...

I REALLY REALLY like this post!! I am a doodler, always have been. My favorite class to doodle in was was also my strongest subject. You know it just feels good. Nancy, I really love your doodles. Thanks for sharing such an intimate part of yourself. Seriously! I've got to read those links. And a great weekend to you too dear sweet lady!!

Anonymous said...

You're an artist, Momma. Why haven't you framed any doodles?!

Elizabeth H. said...

Nancy! I love that you shared this part of your life with us readers! So special.

And I agree with Laura - you should frame some of your doodles.

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