Monday, May 23, 2011

Here's a beautiful girl...

... And she's beautiful inside and out.

Her name is McKenzie, but she goes by Kenzie or Kenz.

This is her fourth grade graduation picture.

I know Kenzie well. She is the star softball player on her team... and a delight to all her teachers and friends. She loves life. And we all love her.
One of these days I'll get to meet her!

Our story (hers and mine) is one of the glories of Facebook. Her mom and I knew each other 35 years ago... and have gotten back together just this year!!
(I was a young school teacher and her mom was a junior high student in my junior high Sunday School department.)

Carla, Kenzie's mom, and I have taken back up where we left off... and it's wonderful. WONDERFUL. BEYOND WONDERFUL. (I'll blog more about that later.)

Soon, in June, we'll actually see each other face to face!!! Hugs will be had all around!! I can't wait!!
On a different note, look who showed up in the tea room last Tuesday!...
That's Linh and Laura.

Speaking of Laura, she and her husband Ryan have a garden this year. They're growing good vegetables ... and some Swiss chard (what is swiss chard?, I know I've heard of it). Anyway, that is my segue into showing you a picture of Laura that I like....
(She's holding the chard.)

Click HERE to go to her blog.

Oh, not only did Linh and Laura come to the tea room but Will and Bailey surprised me by coming on Saturday!  I was too surprised to think about getting a picture.  Here's one, though, that I like.....
They're with my granddog, Olive, who has grown a lot since that picture was taken!!

In closing I must tell you about yesterday when I went with Caroline (Carmack) to pick up Sawyer from his Sunday School room. We watched him through the window, and he was just sitting on the floor playing with not much expression on his darling face. After a little while Caroline tapped on the window and he looked up. The very minute that he saw her his face lit up, he smiled the biggest smile you've ever seen and he started laughing. He was SO HAPPY!!! I didn't have my camera ready, but that picture is in my memory for good. (Caroline told me that that's just how he greets her when she opens his bedroom door in the morning!)

I did manage to get some pictures of him walking....

Hmm. Looks like the girls are already after him.

Here he is with his dad, Rob.
Well, he's with his dad in those other pictures, too.

That's it for today, which is a sunny Monday here.
(Update: it's not sunny now!)

Last night it thundered quite a bit.
We were there for Shiloh, though!

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Anonymous said...

I hadn't heard of swiss chard until I worked at the farm. It grows well in the summer heat. It has kind of a bitter taste raw, so people usually cook it (unlike spinach or lettuce). I just sauteed it the other day with some salt and pepper.

and i always enjoy lunch at the tea room! should do it again soon

Bobbie said...

What a pretty girl McKenzie is. My granddaughter - and first grandchild is Makenzie. Like your friend, she has multiple names. She's Ken-Ken, Kenz, Kenzie, Makenzie, Sissy (to her little brother). I think she prefers Kenzie - that's what her school friends call her. Precious name - precious girls! (BTW, her Mom spelled it with the A - didn't want anyone to call her Mac!)

Linh said...

I love hearing you play at the tea room! Lunch is always so wonderful there! :)

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