Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I have a new favorite place...

A week ago Monday I took little Caroline to her dance class. I’ve done that on other occasions, but on this occasion while she was in her class I sat in a different area of the building. I sat in the very front room by myself.

Oh my. I was in the Zone.

Two reasons:
1) Beautiful soft classical music was being played on a piano. It was a ‘player-piano’ and so the music was just coming out of some speakers. It was absolute tranquility in my ears.

2) Beautiful furnishings were all around. I’ll show you....

I was in that room for about 50 minutes.
When’s Caroline’s class was close to being over her dance teacher asked all the mothers (and great aunts) to come in and see the girls getting ready for their recital. I walked serenely into the studio ... and took these pictures ...

When the class was over Caroline and I serenely went out to the car and I drove serenely home.

When we got to my house I was still serene. ‘Course it helped that little Caroline was serene, too.

Then we turned on the TV and watched “Little Bear”. That helped our serenity.

There’s always been something about children’s shows that put me in a relaxed state of mind.

When Will and Laura were little, one of my favorite shows was “Mr. Rogers”. He would look straight at me and tell me I was special. And he did it in such a tranquil sort of way.

Writing about this is, well, relaxing me.

I hope reading it is relaxing YOU.


Unknown said...

Thanks Nancy for that moment of serenity, it seems that moods are contagious. Reading this made me calm.- Lori Carlino

Being Beth said...

That's a really hard poll for me. I wanted to pick about four of them. I guess I just like being home.

The front room of that studio is beautiful! Your photo's and description made me want to ask Elizabeth if I could take Caroline to dance next time just so I could sit in that room for 50 minutes and get me some serenity.

Anonymous said...

That does sound serene. And what a pretty studio.

sara [at] journey of doing said...

I like this post. It gave me a little peace, too. And I love the blog background. It's the sort of thing I would put on mine. :)

Sweet Caroline.

Audrey said...

What a wonderful place! When I was growing up and taking was NOTHING like that....across the street from Surrattsville Jr. High...with Mrs. Cook. Ours was a regular sweat shop in the back of her home. And sweat we did.

Now Caroline's place is the best and the way it should be. It looks like a place you could just float out of and stay that way for the rest of the day.

Caroline is so precious and the perfect ballerina...isn't she!!

Elizabeth H. said...

It is beautiful! Thank you for taking her to dance!!!

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