Thursday, May 26, 2011

I'm a pony today....

... that means I'm a little hoarse. (I couldn't resist.)

Actually I'm more than a little hoarse. I'm extremely hoarse and can hardly talk.

Whoa. Imagine that? (I'll bet Sam is enjoying it, but he's too polite to tell me.)

And I have a major sore throat going on.... but I do have the energy to blog a little.

Beth surprised me in the tea room Tuesday! ... We ate, then she wrote a letter to her daughter Meredith and then she doodled - all to the 'piano stylings' of yours truly. ... Then she presented me with her doodle!!!
She called it 'Mellow Daisy' because I call my piano playing 'Mellow Piano' (that way no one expects lots of flourishes - and wowy stuff).

Here's Beth's Facebook profile picture (that I really like).

Beth is a writer, and a photographer, a chef, a doodler, a blogger, and a mother and wife, etc., etc... and one of my BFFs!

Well, I have more to tell you... but not the energy.

I'll leave you with a picture of a major event last night...
That's Baby Anna sitting!!!
(Yes, I can sit, too.... but I'll bet there was squealing going on when you did it the first time!!) (Well, actually this is not Anna's first time. It's just the first time I saw it.)
In my next post I'll try to remember to show you a picture of Bailey's car that got major hail damage the other night. Ugh.


Anonymous said...

Did you mean to match your background with the Mellow Daisy? Because it matches.

And yay Anna!

Nancy said...

Yes, Laura, I meant to match!
Thanks for noticing!

Audrey said...

Now I know where to send my doodles to get published...I have a few left over from a when I had a little too much TIME on my hands!
That Mellow Daisy shows how beautiful your Mellow Music was....two talented people.

YEAH Baby Anna!!

Now we gotta get you well! I can bring you some home made chicken noodle soup...with grandma's home made noodles...a few calories. What say ye, with little voice?

Hugs to the sick girl!

Nancy said...

Thanks, Audrey! That chicken soup with Grandma's homemade noodles sounds awesome... ah, but I have some chicken soup here!! (not as good, of course) (OF COURSE!)

Being Beth said...

Oh, Anna is so cute!!! I want to smooch up those chubby cheeks.

Thanks for your very kind words. And of course, you know you're one of my BFF's too. It's nice to have several I think.

Sorry Bailey's car got damaged. Bummer!

Adn finally - I can't believe you'd turn down homemade chicken noodle soup with homemade noodles -- sounds amazing.

Get well. Sore throats are no fun, but what can be fun is pretending you're a pony - you and little Caroline could make a day of it! Haha!

sara [at] journey of doing said...

Be careful. My mom went to the doctor this week because she's been feeling hoarse, and she has strep! My dad has bronchitis... so there's some yucky stuff going around!

Nancy said...

Ha! I got that comment, Beth, about the pony thing and Caroline!!

And Sara, thanks for telling me about your mom... I hope she's better. And OF COURSE I HOPE I don't have strep throat. !!!!

Well, I have energy to blog - and comment ... and watch TV!!!!

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