Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday Random...

I like to have my camera ready at stoplights and in parking lots.

Different note: Yesterday Will and Bailey came over with Olive.

We didn't want Shiloh to attack her, so....
...we kept the door closed, though they could see each other. (Shiloh is growling in that picture.)
Different note, yesterday I played "I Can See Clearly Now" a few times in the tea room. It seemed appropriate what with the gorgeous day after the rainy day.

I got A LOT of tips. (I shamelessly have a tip jar.) (Actually half the time I apologize for having the tip jar.)
(And then I think, I shouldn't apologize for having that tip jar.)
(I like the tips.)

That leads me to this point: if you have the money, tip musicians, and tell them how much you enjoy their music. If you don't have money, just tell them how much you love their music (well, if you do). (Musicians are artists who tend to be needy in the area of wanting/needing compliments.)

One time we were in Memphis and there was this really good band. I went by and told the main singer how much I enjoyed the music.... that it was phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal. That singer acted like he absolutely LOVED my compliment. And I thought: even famous musicians NEED compliments.

Well, everybody needs compliments.
Well, SINCERE compliments.

[Funny how the blog goes: I was just going to post that crazy picture telling you that that gas station was open (second picture from top). (That's at the corner of Holiday, and Mid-Cities Blvd.)
Then I tell you I'm compliment-needy.]

Well, it's MY blog.

(Just so you know, management strongly encouraged me to have that tip jar.)


Deanna said...

Hon, you seriously need a "None of the Above" option on that poll . . . just sayin' . . .

Anonymous said...

Olive has gotten a lot bigger since I've seen her! She's a cutie.

And yes, blog posts often end up differently than expected, that's for sure.

Audrey said...

Ha! I like it. When I start blogging I usually don't know where it's going either. But, its all good. Hey, did I ever tell you I love your music!!! :)

kaylin said...

I love your music Nancy and you should keep your tip jar you deserve it.

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