Wednesday, June 29, 2011

RILs, RITs, and RIGs....

I haven't posted some rils and rits and rigs in a while.

They're Random things I Like, I Think, and I'm Glad of...

Here are some Random I Likes....

Well, I guess the RILs are not so random.... they're all food related.

Next my Random I Thinks....

I think Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin need to look and act like they're running for president (well, Palin has yet to decide)... and not like they're competing in a Mrs. America Pageant.

I think it's too hot outside.

I think Alex, the chef at the LoneStar Antique Mall tea room, is the best chef EVER.
(I think I need to get his picture.)

Now for my Random I'm Glads....

I'm glad that we have air-conditioning.

I'm glad I'm on Facebook.  (Though I can see why folks opt out... it IS time-consuming.)

I'm glad I grew up in Mission, Texas, home of Tom Landry.   I can't think of a better place to have grown up.
And I'm glad I went to our 40th year high school reunion last year....

And I'm glad Will married Bailey...
And Laura married Ryan...
(I decided to use that particular picture because I wanted to think of cooler days.)
(They just look serious in this picture.)
If you haven't voted in my new poll, please do (upper right). (You can vote for more than one thing this time.)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Something wonderful....

is this:
It's camps for children in foster care... and last Wednesday I went with a group from Fellowship of the Parks (my church) to give one of those camps' children a birthday party.

I rode with our senior pastor's wife, Kim, out to Hawkins, TX (north of Tyler)(2 1/2 hours from here) and Kim did it upright. She was in charge of the party .... and I repeat: she DID IT UPRIGHT:
There were three (3) bounce houses, one rock climbing 'mountain', a miniature miniature golf course (2 holes), a throw-the-beanbag-in-the-clown's-circles game, a face-painting station, plus a snow cone machine, a popcorn machine, and lots of balloons everywhere. Oh, and birthday cupcakes.

My camera sat in the car because I didn't wear clothes with pockets. (Live and learn.) (Also, we weren't allowed to take pictures of the kids, which was so understandable.)
The only pictures I got were these....
That's Kim and Doug's son, John, and his friend, Aaron.
Those clothes behind them are part of the 'Dress-up Station', where the kids can dress up as princesses, or graduates, or school teachers, or whatever their imagination lets them be.

This next picture is of Don...
Don is the missions pastor at FOTP (besides doing other stuff).... and you ought to hear about the neat mission stuff he has going on.

You can see that we brought helium balloon tanks. I was so glad. I always have trouble blowing up balloons.

These ROYAL FAMILY KIDS' CAMPs are so awesome. They're nationwide... and you can read more about them if you click HERE. (I hope you go there.)
On a different, yet similar, note, my cousin's son and his wife have adopted one little girl and are hoping to adopt two more that they are now being foster parents to.
Here's Lily with her grandpa (my cousin, David) during our family reunion here 2 summers ago...

And here's some tablecloth art that mom Heather drew during the reunion...

Here is Lily with her dad, Chris....
Here's her extended family...
(from left:Teri (Lily's aunt), David (Lily's cousin), Nathaniel (cousin) being held by his dad Richard (who served in Iraq, by the way), Grandma Sandy, Grandpa David, and then her family, brother Owen, Dad Chris, and Lily being held by her mom, Heather.

'Course now Lily is two years older... so she's growing up!
Oh, did I tell you that Doug and Kim from FOTP adopted a little boy a few years ago ... and that FOTP is passionate about adoption and foster care. Well, Pastor Doug was adopted and understandably has a heart for that.
Why, just this past Saturday morning they held a meeting at FOTP called "If You Were Mine", telling anyone interested how they could get involved in adoption/foster care.

Well, I can't tell you about all this without telling you about our niece Jennifer ... and how she and her husband adopted Lewis from Vietnam.
Here is Jennifer with Lewis (and Granddaddy Ken, and sister Molly) right after they (Jennifer, Ryan and Lewis) got off the plane in July, '08 at DFW Airport (coming from Viet Nam) ...
(I love that picture of Jennifer!)

Here is Lewis now...

And here he is with his big sisters, Molly and Charlotte...
I think Lewis has found his place in the world!!
Well, I was just going to tell you about the Royal Family Kids' Camps... but I got carried away.
Carried away by some wonderfulness, I would say!!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Talk about wonderful....

Yesterday was wonderful!!!

My friend/sister, Carla, whom I've written about and hadn't seen in decades, came to see me!!!!
... As did her seventeen-year-old son, Dylan, and her ten-year-old daughter, Kenzie, whom you know about if you read my post from May 23.

We had a grand day in Grapevine, Colleyville and Southlake!

We went to the Rainforest Cafe in Grapevine Mills...

Then we went to the LEGOLAND Discovery Center there in Grapevine Mills.
Oh. My. Goodness.
Take the time and money to go... It is so worth it.
It went way beyond my expectations. (Oh, but I hope I haven't just made yours too high.)
But know this: you can't go in unless you're accompanied by a child.
Click HERE for the website where you can read that for yourself... under "Plan your visit", then go to "Important information."

Here are some pics...

That above picture is in the 4D theater. (No, not 3D) (That was my favorite part.)

I know.  You're wondering where Carla is.  Well, the picture I had of Carla and her kids right before we went in Legoland wouldn't upload -it's actually (accidentally) a movie I made - because I forgot to set the camera right - and I'm technically challenged.
But back at the house Sam took pictures of Carla and me... that I proceeded to crop too much. (Ah, but I like the effect.)...

While at the house (in Colleyville) Dylan and Kenzie swam while Carla and I visited.

After that Sam took us to Kincaid's (in Southlake) so they could have a famous hamburger.

Then after Kincaid's we went to the Huffmans so Kenzie could give Caroline and Andrew little presents she'd made (which I forgot to take a picture of).

Ah, but she made ME 2 presents... and of course I got THEIR picture...

That dolphin is a magnet! ... and it glows in the dark!
(Kenzie made Caroline a star and Andrew a baseball and they glow in the dark!)

In closing here's a picture of Kenzie with Caroline, Andrew and their mother and baby sister...

It was indeed a marvelous day.

I'll be smiling a while. :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


... that's what life gets.

We don't live in model homes.
We don't look like we're ready for the runway. (Well, most of us.)
We don't have perfect relationships with people, well, because nobody's perfect.

There's just junk in our lives and clutter that keeps piling up, visible and invisible.

That's why I don't buy very many women's magazines anymore.
They have all kinds of advice on how to be super - and look great, and cook great, eat great, have the latest decor in your house, and do just the right exercises.

Sometimes I think those magazines should be called 'shame' magazines.

[Well, truth be told, I bought a GOOD HOUSEKEEPING the other day and it was really pretty good. I didn't feel ashamed after looking through it.]

Now to my point:
MESSY is what the sermon series is called at our church now.
Sunday's sermon was really good. Click HERE to go to our website and you can watch the sermon. Before that, though, you can see the little video by (Pastor) Doug.

Here are some pictures I like.....
That's our senior pastor, Doug, preaching not long ago.

And here's Rob (our nephew) preaching awhile back...
Rob is the other teaching pastor at Fellowship of the Parks... and if you've ever heard him, you'll want hear him again. He is great.

As is Doug. They're both so down-to-earth and they tell it like it is and well, it's very refreshing, enlightening, faith-building, and unexpected to some folks. There's one fella that came to our church for the first time and he said something like, "Wow. I don't hate this. I like it."

Here's our worship leader, Dusty Gallup, with the band...
His wife, Whitney, is singing backup in that picture. The lead guitar player on the right is Dusty Jump.
Imagine, two Dustys in the band. I'd never even known one Dusty before. (My horizons are broadening.)

Oh, here's a picture of Gallop with his wife Whitney at the tea room awhile back...

Here's a picture of them with our family at our house one Wednesday night...
They are super fun people... so we all got along!

And here's a picture I like of Will playing lead guitar - substituting for Jump. (We call the Dustys by their last name for obvious reasons.) ...
(Oh, yeah... Jump ended up being there that day (he's on the left) because Gallup was hoarse - so Jump sang and played rhythm guitar.)

Since I'm showing you Will playing lead guitar, here is a picture of him playing the piano at Bear Valley....
(Proud mama keeps on bragging.)

Speaking of Bear Valley.... it is a fantastic church. I know, because my husband started it almost 20 years ago (!). What a ride it has been - being there - and now at Fellowship of the Parks.
It was hard to leave BV... but God knows what is best .... and I'm happy to trust him.... it beats trusting myself!!!
Click HERE for Bear Valley's site.

I hope you check out those websites... and if nearby, come worship with some wonderful people.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday, Monday

It's going to be a good day today.

The weekend was fantastic. We celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary - and helped our son-in-law's parents, Vicki and Jerry, celebrate their 28th wedding anniversary the very next night - at Cozymel's near Grapevine Mills Mall. Mm.

Then we had a wonderful Father's Day - eating steakburgers and hotdogs from Freddy's (Sam's request). Mm.

Where was my camera in all of that?

Would you believe the only photo I got this weekend was of something else.

I was in the kitchen and happened to look out the door...
That's Shiloh presenting us with his 'present'.
There are other presents I'd like more than a dead squirrel.
I guess it's the thought that counts.
(You may notice that Shiloh has gotten his summer haircut.)
In different news, I went to see Laura and Ryan last week, and got this picture of them by their garden...
Now that's a sunflower.

Their cucumbers were just getting started...
They also grow cayenne peppers, swiss chard, and tomatoes, that are having a hard time getting with the program.
Well, this post shows that nothing earth-shattering is happening in the Carmack house.
That's a good thing.
Oh, I forgot to tell you: Will and Bailey are in London!!! ... and nephew John is in Germany!!!
I guess there IS some exciting news, after all.
In closing, here's a quote I read today...
"Mark it down. You will never go where God is not."
- Max Lucado

That is a 'duh' statement, but sometimes I need to hear it.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Now we're cool...

... earlier Sam and I were not.

You see, we woke up to no electricity!

We went out to breakfast (McDonald's) because we had to have our coffee. (We like their coffee.)

Then a little later I went back to that same McDonald's just so I could get on the internet there. I thought, well, since I'll be using up space for a while I better order something to eat. So I had two McDonald's breakfasts this morning. (Where's that Lipitor?)
When I settled into the booth I found out my laptop was NOT charged ... and there were no outlets anywhere to charge it. That meant I did not get online for hours! (Carla thought I'd deserted her, I know!)

Well, now we finally have power - and feeling cool again.

The stuff in the fridge and freezer is questionable.

... But my devotional reading today with Carla told me not to complain about stuff.
Perfect timing, I'd say.

On a different note, yesterday was our 33rd wedding anniversary. (THANKS FOR ALL THE NOTES and 'LIKES' ON FACEBOOK!!!)
We had a great day!
We stayed home mostly but last night we went to a fun staff cookout.

Yesterday afternoon we decided to watch a movie made the year we got married (1978)... We chose THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY. It had been 33 years since we'd seen it.... and I think we enjoyed it even more than we did then. It was sad, though, because all the time we were watching it we knew the ending. Still, it was great.

In closing here's a cartoon I like - I'd been saving it for our anniversary........
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dancing princess...

I will let these photos pretty much speak for themselves...

(Caroline is in the middle.)

(Caroline is the second from the left.)

I just love those pictures.

And I just love that little princess.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Here's something great...

Reading this devotional book everyday is good. But that's not what I'm saying is great.
What is great is doing it with somebody who's special to you.

Here's what Carla (my dear friend from decades ago) and I have been doing: we read the day's devotion... then we email each other our thoughts on that devotion. We have a pact that we don't read each other's thoughts until we've written our own thoughts. Oh, and we have the pact that we can say anything we want. And we just tell it like it is, without sounding 'holy-joe'.
Then after we email our thoughts, we can look at the other's thoughts and comment.

It is super!! (Well, some devotions are better than others - but the super part is doing it together.)

Today was Day 30. We haven't missed a day! (But if we need to, we will.)

Did I say it was super? It so is... and I'm so thankful for Carla for suggesting we do it.

Would you believe Carla and I still haven't seen each other in decades?
By the way, Carla is the mother of Kenzie who was the subject of part of my post on May 23 titled "Here's a beautiful girl..." (Click HERE for that post.)

Oh, if you share a devotional with someone make sure you do it with someone of your own gender, unless it's your spouse. (That would be a 'duh' statement but I just wanted to say it.)

If you haven't taken my latest poll, please do. (upper right)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I need to come clean...

Those pictures of the beach in my header this week were not taken by me or Sam.

I got them off the internet.

Sam and I didn't go to the Florida beach house.
(I know. I didn't surf after all.)

Well, we planned to go. We packed our bags and everything.
When it came down to driving the long way... even for a wonderful destination such as that... well, we petered out.

But we had a wonderful STAY-CATION.
We ate out everyday... and went to lots of movies. And we watched lots of "Criminal Minds" reruns.

Why did I not tell you?
Well, I would have.
Hubby, though, was really wanting to lay (lie) low - and not be on anybody's radar who might want something from him.
So I respected that.
And liked it, frankly.

We both are real homebodies at heart.... so staying at home was great... as long as I detached from the dirty clothes, clutter, and dog hair on the floors.

So there's that.

I hope you have a great weekend. I'm having one.

And maybe YOU can go to the beach in your mind!! It makes a great happy place.!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I love the word 'vacation'...

Yes, I love the word 'vacation'.

Right this minute I'm thinking it means "the act of vacating my mind of 'work', 'busyness', 'clutter', and especially 'ought-to's'.


My British friends would say, "I'm ON HOLIDAY!"

However you say it, I LIKE IT!!!!

Years ago (when I was in my early thirties) I had some friends who talked about going on their vacation. It was going to be a splendid time at Disney World. They were going to stay at a fancy resort, and wine and dine, and play, and swim, and not have to make their beds, and just have a wonderful time in the Magic Kingdom and at my favorite place: EPCOT CENTER.

I found myself so jealous.

Seriously, I was green with envy.

I did not enjoy their talking about their plans.... especially when they (she) talked ad nauseum about the chore of getting ready to go.

Good grief ... for her.
Good grief ... for me.

I'm glad I'm older now and wiser.

(I may delete that jealousy part.)

Anyway, now I'm on vacation... and though it is different than we thought it would be at the beginning of this week... it is WONDERFUL!!!!!


(I'll tell you more about it later.)

For now, I'll leave you with a picture....

(I don't know who that little boy is.)

Oh, and here's another (totally different) picture I like....
This picture was on the Star Telegram website this morning. That's a sick Dirk beating Miami Heat. !!!!!
(That Heat player is thinking, "Whoa, that Dirk isn't sick, after all!")

Trivia Tuesday

He was nominated on five occasions but Mahatma Gandhi NEVER won the Nobel Peace Prize. Where will you find an annual hair-freezing contest? ...