Saturday, June 11, 2011

I need to come clean...

Those pictures of the beach in my header this week were not taken by me or Sam.

I got them off the internet.

Sam and I didn't go to the Florida beach house.
(I know. I didn't surf after all.)

Well, we planned to go. We packed our bags and everything.
When it came down to driving the long way... even for a wonderful destination such as that... well, we petered out.

But we had a wonderful STAY-CATION.
We ate out everyday... and went to lots of movies. And we watched lots of "Criminal Minds" reruns.

Why did I not tell you?
Well, I would have.
Hubby, though, was really wanting to lay (lie) low - and not be on anybody's radar who might want something from him.
So I respected that.
And liked it, frankly.

We both are real homebodies at heart.... so staying at home was great... as long as I detached from the dirty clothes, clutter, and dog hair on the floors.

So there's that.

I hope you have a great weekend. I'm having one.

And maybe YOU can go to the beach in your mind!! It makes a great happy place.!!!


Audrey said...

I understand. Sometimes that is the only way to detach and just get some free time to do nothing (or hardly nothing or well, maybe just different things). Remember back to our school days, mom would call them our mental health days! We just need them every so often. You are living proof that we can visit the beach in our mind and get the rest we need (without sweating). Love to you and Sam!

trish said...

Have to chuckle!After you answered my question as to whether the pics were taken by you, I almost wrote you back to ask where you were in Fla. since we live here. Something told me not to since you hadn't volunteered the info.That would have made things even more squirmy! lol So glad that the two of you took some special time for yourselves.:-) Blessings, Trish

s_hastings said...

I had to smile when I read this post. Mike and I are doing the same thing, We had high hopes of driving to a beach location. We were going to go to Orange Beach, AL near Pensacola. I hadn't gone as far as packing my bags yet, well just in my mind. The more we thought about the drive and the expense the less relaxing it sounded. We are now planning a stay-cation with a short one day get away. There are many things to see and do right here in the Fort Worth area. There is a new exhibit at the Kimbell we want to see for example. Can I borrow your pictures!

Nancy said...

Susan, you can so borrow those pictures (well, since they're not mine!).
Glad you and Mike are doing the relaxing stay-cation, too!

Trish, I thought about telling you on FB that we weren't in Florida actually, but I had to be true to my hubby who didn't want it known!!
(How great that you get to LIVE in Florida!)

Audrey, yes, we've definitely been having 'mental health days'. Though it's not the beach, it's sweet.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you both had a wonderful Stay-cation, the beach is nice but the long road trip can get you tired before you even get there-- and then there's the long drive home!

Bobbie said...

Well, it would be awfully hard for me to turn down a beach vacay! Glad you had fun at home. Guess us retirees (who spend most every day at home) long to hit the road - or air - or ocean! Having 22 cruises under our belt in the last 9 years, guess the ocean option is what I long for!

sara [at] journey of doing said...

I like the way you stay-cation! We could learn a thing or two from you... ;)

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