Saturday, June 4, 2011

On this Saturday night....

I'm pretty grateful that a year has gone by.

Last year at this time we were in the throes of a wedding.

A wedding in which yours truly was the MOTHER OF THE BRIDE.


To say that I'm now breathing a sigh of relief is an understatement.

This weekend feels like a BREEZE.

This makes me think of how we need to ALWAYS feel THANKFUL... and relieved (when we're thankful and relieved).

For one thing, I'm so thankful ... and relieved... that our dear daughter got married a year ago to a WONDERFUL YOUNG MAN. A FANTASTICALLY WONDERFUL YOUNG MAN....
(That's him and her - well, back in a different month, of course.)

That's us with them, a while back.

Anyway, today feels kind of relaxed ... COMPARED.
On a different note:
I took a picture of a picture of my mom when she was just a babe...
I thought she looked like...
Those are her great grandson and her great granddaughter.
What do you think?
I think they could be related!!!!!
Well, they ARE!!!
On a different note: Hubby and I are going to the BEACH in Florida this next week. We are beyond excited.

Stay tuned for that!


Audrey said...

Yes, lots to celebrate in a year's passage of time. They still look like wonderful to be so full of hope and happiness.

I too, feel a great deal of thankfulness and RELIEF for this year and TODAY, considering where I was a year ago at this time. You are so is so important to allow and acknowledge those seems to make life much sweeter.

The resemblances between those three are amazing! What's even more amazing is that you have a color picture of your mom.

Have a blast in Florida...its so pretty on the beach. And...RELAX!! Looking forward to those pictures and hearing about your adventures.

Nancy said...

I know, Audrey. Isn't it wonderful that we have that picture of Mother as a baby? - And it's in color!

After I hit 'publish' to this post I thought I probably should have had that picture on a different post - that just honored Mother.

Audrey said...

Oh, I think it is great where you have it...AND can be in its own another time. But, look at your mom's expression, how pensive she was...I think she was already figuring everything she was organizing the family tree, and figuring what she wanted to major in when she went to college.... She had the look of determination.

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