Tuesday, June 21, 2011


... that's what life gets.

We don't live in model homes.
We don't look like we're ready for the runway. (Well, most of us.)
We don't have perfect relationships with people, well, because nobody's perfect.

There's just junk in our lives and clutter that keeps piling up, visible and invisible.

That's why I don't buy very many women's magazines anymore.
They have all kinds of advice on how to be super - and look great, and cook great, eat great, have the latest decor in your house, and do just the right exercises.

Sometimes I think those magazines should be called 'shame' magazines.

[Well, truth be told, I bought a GOOD HOUSEKEEPING the other day and it was really pretty good. I didn't feel ashamed after looking through it.]

Now to my point:
MESSY is what the sermon series is called at our church now.
Sunday's sermon was really good. Click HERE to go to our website and you can watch the sermon. Before that, though, you can see the little video by (Pastor) Doug.

Here are some pictures I like.....
That's our senior pastor, Doug, preaching not long ago.

And here's Rob (our nephew) preaching awhile back...
Rob is the other teaching pastor at Fellowship of the Parks... and if you've ever heard him, you'll want hear him again. He is great.

As is Doug. They're both so down-to-earth and they tell it like it is and well, it's very refreshing, enlightening, faith-building, and unexpected to some folks. There's one fella that came to our church for the first time and he said something like, "Wow. I don't hate this. I like it."

Here's our worship leader, Dusty Gallup, with the band...
His wife, Whitney, is singing backup in that picture. The lead guitar player on the right is Dusty Jump.
Imagine, two Dustys in the band. I'd never even known one Dusty before. (My horizons are broadening.)

Oh, here's a picture of Gallop with his wife Whitney at the tea room awhile back...

Here's a picture of them with our family at our house one Wednesday night...
They are super fun people... so we all got along!

And here's a picture I like of Will playing lead guitar - substituting for Jump. (We call the Dustys by their last name for obvious reasons.) ...
(Oh, yeah... Jump ended up being there that day (he's on the left) because Gallup was hoarse - so Jump sang and played rhythm guitar.)

Since I'm showing you Will playing lead guitar, here is a picture of him playing the piano at Bear Valley....
(Proud mama keeps on bragging.)

Speaking of Bear Valley.... it is a fantastic church. I know, because my husband started it almost 20 years ago (!). What a ride it has been - being there - and now at Fellowship of the Parks.
It was hard to leave BV... but God knows what is best .... and I'm happy to trust him.... it beats trusting myself!!!
Click HERE for Bear Valley's site.

I hope you check out those websites... and if nearby, come worship with some wonderful people.


Anonymous said...

yeah, reading the cover of women's magazines is deceptive enough--how to get the perfect this or that in 8 eight easy steps. I also don't like reading fitness magazines that much for the same reasons.


Anonymous said...

oh, and not only is it funny that you guys have two Dusties, but also that their last names are Gallup and Jump!


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