Saturday, July 9, 2011

I'm still so mad...

I know.
I'm a believer that God is in charge of justice...
And I should let go of anger.

I'm mad.

I had a little 2-year-old-girl once. (I'm posting some pictures of her - for emphasis.) If she'd gone missing, I would have called the police within minutes. And I would have put up flyers everywhere with her little picture on it. I would have moved heaven and earth to find her.
I would have been one miserable person if she were missing.

That's the starting point of my anger.

I remember when Casey Anthony was arrested. It made news because of the horror of what was found: her little girl's duct-taped face, and that was after Casey had lied about a nanny taking her, etc., etc., etc.

The media was reporting the horrific news.
I don't blame the media for me being mad.

The jury found Casey not guilty.
(I'm speechless on that.)

'Course I'm just a regular citizen who has a blog and well, I wasn't going to blog about it... but decided this morning to go ahead.
(I may delete it.)

I read that the famous N.T. Wright (former Bishop of Durham in the Church of England, and renowned New Testament scholar) listed three things that are paramount in God's Kingdom in heaven - and here on earth. They are BEAUTY, JUSTICE and RELATIONSHIPS.

I'm thinking that somehow that list (and that namedropping) makes me justified with my anger.

Ah, but I really need to hand it over to God.
As I need to do with everything.

Who am I to have an opinion on this?
Well, I'm the only me I've got...

And I need to pray for Casey Anthony.

Here's my daughter, Laura (on the right) - all grown up - with her beautiful sister-in-law, Bailey Jo...

There won't be any such pictures of Caylee.

I think we can be mad about that.


Being Beth said...

I too feel frustrated, am not sure justice was served, but don't know that for a fact. What I have observed though, is that when people who HAVE done despicable deeds and evade punishment or a way to make things right, it is only a matter of a few short years before the weight of what they've done ravages their life.

One of my friends put a photo of a billboard up on FB which reads: "Caylee's Warriors, relax, I've got this one - God"

Somehow, that helped me let the thoughts of the murder and trial slip on through me.

Nancy said...

Love that billboard message!!

lydia chumbley said...

I'm still mad too Nancy!! Justice for Caylee? I don't think so.
I can't imagine any mother behaving as Casey Anthony did while claiming that her child was missing.
We will never know the truth, and that really bothers me.

Audrey said...

I 've thought a lot about this. I've also read several criminal justice blogs on it. Based on the evidence she is not guilty. Her behavior is odd. I think the only thing I know for sure is I don't know what exactly happened to Caylee. But there are some someones who do...and that's between God and them. Justice will be served...maybe not on earth. I know if I missed my guys for even a minute, I felt panicked....and I reached out to everybody in sight to help.

Here is another thing I think about ...if those guilty someones have asked in earnest for God to forgive them then he who am I to hold on to it. I also understand the concept of righteous indignation for my own case and know for my own health I have to keep lifting that anger up when it rears its ugly head.

I suppose what frustrates me most is the state of Florida paid over half a million dollars for Anthony's defense!! My defense attorney might have been paid $2,500 or whatever the cap is in Texas. When people see this Anthony case or the OJ case they see what appears to be guilty people getting off the hook for heinous crimes. It would then lead people to believe that is the way the justice system works, so difficult to understand how anybody can be falsely accused and wrongly convicted. Well, the answer of course is money. If one is falsely accused and does not have a ton of money for their defense they haven't a least that is proving to be true in Texas.

Sorry Nancy...I'm really not trying to turn your blog into my own. Forgive me!! Great certainly causes one to think and ultimately know we are all to answer individually to our maker for our lives and how we live it, so we are in charge of only ourselves, our actions, our thoughts. It is humbling.

Nancy said...

Whoa, Audrey. I didn't know Florida paid over half a million dollars on Anthony's defense. Incredible.

As usual, you calm me down..... and inspire me.

Those are wonderful words you wrote.

Audrey said...

Thank you Nancy...I've been following this case and have been really quiet, just deciding to not decide about her. Although I will never understand the things we know she did. But, there is more to this one...her dad... her mom...things just don't add up.

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