Friday, July 15, 2011

Silver Bells...

Often I'll get a request when I'm playing in the tea room.
The most common request I get is "Over the Rainbow".

This past Monday I got an interesting one:
A lady and her young daughter came in and asked if I would play "Silver Bells". The lady's mother had recently died and that was her favorite song.
I was glad to play it, but did feel funny when a few patrons looked my way with weird expressions on their faces.
Ah, but it did feel kind of cool (literally) to play it.

Maybe today I'll play "White Christmas". Then I'll feel REALLY 'cool'!

Along that note, I was stopped at a stoplight yesterday afternoon, and looked down at this:
Of course I had to get my camera out!

I thought, I'll post this on Facebook, and folks will be amazed.
Well, I get home, get on Facebook and my Facebook friend, Holly Christensen, who lives not too far away, posted this!
Whoa. So much for wanting to 'win' with my temperature.
Different note: I have a new poll up. Please vote.

Cheese nachos won in my last poll - for what makes you smile the most.
I voted for new shoes, though cheese nachos was my close second.
I better go get ready so I can play "White Christmas" in the tea room.

Maybe I should wear a Santa hat.



sara [at] journey of doing said...

When I left Presby yesterday, mine was close to Holly's. AFTER 30 MINUTES.

It's rough this summer.

I was talking yesterday with some people about what a difference that 10 degrees between 90 to 100 makes... and how over 100 makes people irrational.

I get irrational over 100 degrees.

Being Beth said...

Just cause you actually put it on your poll, I'm going to come in and ask you to play "Home on the Range" followed by "Down in the Valley" = those are good songs, by the way.

carisa said...

We're supposed to be in the mid 90's and humid all next week. I guess I shouldn't complain, though. I never understood how some people in Dallas could live without air in their houses or cars.

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