Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday (night) Trivia

I wanted to blog... and had these bits of trivia (that I found on the ever-knowledgeable internet), so I thought I'd share them....

'Stewardesses' is the longest word that is typed with only the left hand.

In England, the Speaker of the House is not allowed to speak.

Armadillos have four babies at a time and they are always all the same sex.

Armadillos are the only animal besides humans that can get leprosy.

To escape the grip of a crocodile's jaws, push your thumbs into its eyeballs -- it will let you go instantly.

Charles Lindbergh took only four sandwiches with him on his famous transatlantic flight.

In the late 19th century, millions of human mummies were used as fuel for locomotives in Egypt where wood and coal was scarce, but mummies were plentiful.

It takes 17 muscles to smile --- 43 to frown.

On average women say 7,000 words per day. Men manage just over 2000.

Women burn fat more slowly than men, by a rate of about 50 calories a day.

Women's hearts beat faster than men's.


Here's a quote I like...
"Jesus loves us as we are and not as we should be, since none of us is as we should be."
-Brennan Manning

(I have a new poll up.)


sara [at] journey of doing said...

My ability to burn fat at a slower rate is extremely unfair. I vote we protest.

San Francisco sounds AMAZING right now. So does Alaska. My friends just got back and their pictures are breathtaking!

Being Beth said...

So that explains my husband and I on the same diet - he lost 20 pounds, I lost ten. Grrrrrr! LOL

Interesting armadillo facts that were new to me. Well, ALL of the facts were interesting and most I didn't know. I know about the difference in daily words between men and women and the number of muscles to smile and frown. The rest were new! Good trivia job!

Next week is good for me, so just let me know when and where (like I don't know where, haha!).

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