Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weather forecast: 106 degrees today!

In light of that, here's a cartoon Laurie sent me...


Years ago when we lived in Brazil someone asked Don Johnson, a missionary in Belem, Para, Brazil which is right on the equator, if he ever got used to the heat.
He said, "No. I just get used to being hot."
Here's a quote I like...
Patience with God is FAITH
Patience with self is HOPE
Patience with others is LOVE

- Adel Bestavros
(I got that from Julia Johnson on Facebook awhile back. Thanks, Julia!)

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Audrey said...

I would ask...could it be any hotter?... but I believe the universe would conspire to answer my question by upping the amps on that heat.

So maybe we have to add a line to the quote: Patience with the heat index is TOLERANCE.

Let's pray for all those who are baking without air conditioning and all the farmers whose crops have been destroyed.

As always your posts are wonderful and your polls are refreshing. Love to you.

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