Saturday, July 2, 2011

We're feeling patriotic...

Well, if we're not feeling patriotic this Fourth of July something is wrong with us.

Sam and I are in WASHINGTON D.C.!

We're at a church business administrator's conference... and we had thought it was a weird time to have a conference (on and around July 4th)... but we're happy to be here (ALTHOUGH IT MEANT NOT ATTENDING A FAMILY REUNION IN MINNESOTA!!).

We're staying in the Gaylord National... which is on the Potomac...

Tonight we're taking a bus tour of the capitol. That's after we have a big buffet dinner here.

As the spouse of a conference member I have meetings I can go to during the day - or not go to.

It's a rough life, but somebody has to live it.
Oh, earlier this week I got a package from Carla, Kenzie and Dylan!
Here Caroline and I are showing you the goodies I got.
(You can click to make larger.) The picture frame Kenzie made with duck tape. The book I'm holding is a long poem with pictures (by Kenzie) of their visit here - and to the Rainforest Cafe and LEGOLAND DISCOVERY CENTER. The card with the white dog was from Dylan... and it was so funny.
And notice the gum in the foreground. That was for our flight up here!
Oh, and Carla sent a wonderful card, too.
Well, it was all wonderful... and UPS delivered it right when the Huffmans came for supper!!

Speaking of the Huffmans, here I am with little Anna that very night...

I repeat: It's a rough life, but someone has to live it.
(I was glad to volunteer.)


Bobbie said...

Only been to DC once and loved every minute of it. We were there 8 days and still don't feel like we even made a dent in seeing all the sites. And, how blessed you are to be there on July 4th. I'm proud to be an American - and I know you and Sam are, too! Have a wonderful time.

alice said...

Nancy, Arlington Cemetery would be quite impressive this weekend with all the graves decorated with flags. Dick is can find his grave number when you check in at the desk. Major Richard P. Conway.

Myra J said...

picked family reunion cause it was closest to family time away with the grandkids and ConCan, sitting in teh Frio

Anonymous said...

hope you guys have a blast in DC! sounds amazing

sara [at] journey of doing said...

Sweet picture of you and Anna!! DC for the fourth sounds amazing! Hope you get to see some gorgeous fireworks!!

Audrey said...

We were there for almost 10 years and still didn't see everything...and that was with making an effort on our family outings every Sunday. Wish I was there too! Have fun and take pictures for us. You know this time we will be requiring proof!
Love to you and Sam!

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