Friday, August 26, 2011

I got permission...

to tell you some things.

Oh, they're not earth-shattering things.
(I could have told you anyway... but I didn't want to blindside anybody when he/she wasn't expecting it.)

First of all, my mother almost got first place
in Parkwood's JEOPARDY tournament!!!
(She came in at an extremely close second.)

She was the champion of her building's tournament (Parkwood has 3 buildings, each with about 48 apartments (yes, lots of people)).
Yesterday afternoon she competed with the winners of the other buildings' JEOPARDY tournament.

The winner, a smart lady named Ruth, got 5100 points - and Mother (a smart lady named Margaret) got 5000. Third place was way far behind.

I am so proud!!!
(Evidently the whole lunch room was packed with audience for the tournament.)
(I couldn't be there - but won't miss the next one - whenever that is.) (I think this was the first one they've had.)

The questions were NOT easy. They were taken from the JEOPARDY game ... and as you know, JEOPARDY'S questions are NEVER EASY!!!!!

Go Mother!!!!

On a completely different note, (and this might be considered a little earth-shattering) I found myself in the ER of Grapevine Baylor Hospital not long ago...
No, that's not me in that bed.... would that it would have been!!

Little Caroline's parents were on a little trip to California (a few weeks ago), and Mimi (aka, John's mother) was staying with the little ones.

At 1:30 in the early morning I get a call. Mimi (Susan) is concerned (rightly so) about little Caroline. Long story short, I go over and take her to the ER (I knew the way)... and she's treated for some issues with her lungs, and some severe coughing. Fortunately everything turned out okay... with these ladies' breathing treatment doing the trick.

If you look closely at the picture you'll see the paper flower that Stacy (on the right) made for Caroline.

Of course, every moment might be a blog moment.... so I was glad I had my iPhone camera ready.
(And I got permission from that Stacy (and Nita - on the left) to blog about them.)

My next blog post will be about my son's 27th birthday on the 27th... which is TOMORROW!!!
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Being Beth said...

LOL - I was SO far off on my guess. I think I might need to apologize to certain couples. Haha!

Wow - hooray for your mom! I must make a note to not play Jeopardy with her. She'd beat the socks off me.

I'm glad Caroline is better. Those things can be scary for both parents and grandma's. Glad you were there ot help out.

Laura said...

Yeah, Grandmother is a smart lady!

And poor Caroline. Glad she had some sweet nurses.

Audrey said...

Your mom, my dear aunt, is smart for sure. I love visiting with Aunt Margaret, always interesting and so positive....there's not a subject she hasn't read about or learned about from her many experiences. I wish she had been my teacher growing up!

Caroline is so sweet, I bet those respiratory therapists fell in love with her. Glad she is better.

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