Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rain and other random stuff...

This morning we got rain!!

And before that, thunder!!
- which meant I had a needy Shiloh-pup.

(That's okay. I love to cuddle.)


I don't have a lot to say today... but I did find a couple of interesting things in Lonestar Antiques this week...

Check out this mirror...

Oh, and dealer Dorothy has a neat/creepy way to display her business cards...
(I just had to take a picture of that.)
Oh, I did work in my booth yesterday - for hours.

When I change things around in my booth people think I've brought in new stuff.
Yesterday Delta said, "Oh, you have a new mirror!"
I said, "No, it's just in a different place."
Clearly there's not much to blog about.
Well, really there is...
but I need permission to tell stuff.

My next blog post will be about my son turning 27 on the 27th.
It seems like just yesterday he was a Cub Scout.

I have a new poll up!


Anonymous said...

Hey Nancy, I'm at my mom's so this will probably be anonymous. I like the picture of the mirror because of you in the mirror taking the picture. I got a kick out of that!


Being Beth said...

I got the thunder and nervous needy doggies, but the rain...about enough to dampen the sidewalk. It just teased us over here.

I'm SOOOO curious about what you need permission to share. I hope you get it and that it is what I think it might be.

Nancy said...

Beth, you know, I hadn't even thought about what people might think I need permission to tell about .... and NO, if you're thinking little munchkins... well, NO.

It's not really a major bit of news.
Hmm. I should have clarified that.

Being Beth said...

I was that obvious, huh? LOL - it's just what came to mind when I read that sentence. All in good time and hopefully after everyone is finished with their schooling and have time to be newlyweds...still things like that do happen.

I'm still curious.

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