Sunday, August 21, 2011

School is starting...

The only thing that school-starting means to me now is that I need to look for school zones, so as not to get a speeding ticket.

I remember when it meant much more (of course).

Back before schools had school supply packets that you could get at registration (which was so handy) we'd get a list of needed school supplies and then have to go shopping to get them.

I'm referring to the time when Will and Laura were in early elementary school. (I don't remember what we did when I was in elementary school - about school supplies, anyway.)

Anyway, going shopping with children has always been a challenge for me. That's because patience has never been my strong suit.

Ah, but I distinctly remember one year when I found out the value of 'self-talk'.

For some reason I'd picked Albertson's that year to be the school-supply place to shop.

I parked the car, and was getting ready to get us (Will (second grader), Laura (kindergartner) and myself (mother)) all marched in for their supplies.

Before I turned off the engine, I remember distinctly telling myself (in my mind) to 'be in the moment'... and 'to let the kids go as slowly as they need to go to do this'.
'There is no need to hurry, Nancy.'
'Let them pick out what they can pick out... and enjoy letting them.'
Etc. etc. etc.

Whoa! I actually enjoyed the shopping experience!!

Gone was my usual 'Let's get this over with!' attitude.

Whoa! All three of us were happier, much happier, than, well, other times.

Through the years since then I've remembered that day.
I was calm. And 'in-the-moment'.
And actually enjoying little Will and little Laura in the grocery store.

No one knew the victory I had that day in Albertson's... but me.
But it was huge.

I learned I could give myself self-talks that helped.
AND that I COULD live in the moment.
Some of you don't understand the victory I'm talking about (because you don't have 'impatience problems')...
some of you DO understand.
That's all.
Thanks for reading my blog.
And thanks, Will and Laura, for letting me talk about you.


carisa said...

Whoa, Nancy. That's what I'll have this year, a second grader and a kinder. Luckily, we have kits that we ordered last year. I can relate to the attitude thing. We have a much better time when I change MY attitude and let the kids take their time.

Nancy said...

Carisa, I can hardly believe Tanner and Max are that old! ... and Thanks for the comment!!

Laura said...

Youre welcome! :) I used to love back to school shopping. Thanks for taking me every year!

And I had a similar moment today at Target. I went to get groceries, not thinking it was the weekend before school AND tax free weekend. There were young families buying school supplies and older kids buying stuff for their dorm room plus us regular grocery shoppers. It was crazy busy. I did some self talk too! I told myself to enjoy the back to school excitement and not be in any hurry. What's the rush? It made the experience much better. Not exactly fun, but much more bearable.

Audrey said...

Oh Nancy, I just love this post. I feel so strongly about being fully present for our kids (and ourselves). Life is so much more enjoyable. I haven't posted on my blog in awhile, but the subject lately is that of 'Rights'. I have a wonderful list of "A Child's Bill of Rights" that you have inspired me to share. Thank you! I'm on my way to post it.

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