Saturday, August 13, 2011

"Singing in the Rain"...

... is what I played today in the tea room!  Hurray!!!

If you're not living in North Texas then you don't appreciate what happened: after forty days and forty nights (roughly) it RAINED!!!
(And every Facebook Friend I have from around here noted it!)
On a different note: I spent most of Thursday with my dear daughter in Denton. After eating a special birthday lunch at the Chestnut Tree Garden Tea Room (click that to go to their website) in Denton, with our husbands, she and I went shopping. Sam's and my gift to her was a shopping trip for school clothes. (She starts student teaching soon.) (She's getting her master's in art education at UNT.) Anyway, I think she'll look sharp with those new clothes she got.

'Course, she always looks sharp.  And so does her house.

Here, I'll show you...
(Those crosses were made by Ryan's little sister, Victoria.)
I just love those crosses.
This next picture was taken ... and then made to look kind of like a painting... by Caroline Carmack...
Click HERE to go to Caroline's photography website.
Here are some more random pictures around their little house...

(That is a painting by a friend, whose name I can't recall.) (There is Scripture in there.)

Here's some of their living area...
(Oh, there's Sam-the-man in that above picture!)

And here's a ladder-thing...

And here's my favorite...
(I just love that kitchen table that they got at a special needs place.  (I can't recall the name of the place.)
I don't know if you're like me, but I like to see where people live... and how they live... and well, I'll show you some pictures of where and how I live someday, too.  (Well, I know I have... )

Really, I have some treasures I need to show you.
(They're treasures to me, anyway.)

Really, I have some treasures that I just take for granted.

I'll bet that if you're reading this blog in your house or apartment (or duplex, or mobile home, or even at your work) you can just look around from right where you are and see at least one of your treasures!!!
Oh yes.  I'm sure of it.

Go ahead, look!

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carisa said...

I love Laura's house! It has so much character. And she is a beautiful young lady.

Audrey said...

What a wonderful, eclectic home of beauty and warmth. You can tell it was done by the eye of an artist. Everything fits together and everything has its own story. A grand place to escape to and unwind at the end of day.

YEA!!! for the rain, surely an answer to prayers. For those of us who can't carry a tune, we were dancing in the rain.

laura said...

glad you like our home! I always look forward to being back to it when we leave on a trip.

What's a special needs place? Sounds like assisted living or something. We got the table at a furniture store that benefits a local ministry, which I know it what you mean. :) It's called the Back Porch

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