Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Some Treasures for Tuesday...

This Norman Rockwell figurine is part of a collection my wonderful in-laws had.
It's about 4 1/2 inches wide and long.
I just love it.

This is a Yellow Rose of Texas that Will gave me one year for Mother's Day.
I just love it.

This is a mug Laura gave me one Mother's Day.
I just love it.

Will gave me his unique 'lighted flower arrangement' one year for Christmas.
I just love it.

This is a picture of my dear dad when he was little bitty.

I just love it.

This is an Asian screen that belonged to my in-laws.
My mother gave me the round art on the left of it.
They were made for each other.

I just love them.

This is part of my mother's collection of birds.  This one is my favorite.
The next picture shows it to scale.
(We're housing my mom's collection now - and so enjoying it.)

I just love those birds.

This last treasure is my favorite...

My twin made this for me before she died.

Here it is closer.

You can see why I love it... and why it is wonderful.

Here is part of it super-close.

That's counted cross-stitch, which is not just a pattern on some material.
You have to COUNT those stitches.

This was a work of love... and I LOVE IT!!!

I'll blog more treasures maybe next Tuesday. (If I remember. Well, I should. I really enjoyed that.)  :)


Being Beth said...

Ummmm, so nice. Great post.

sara [at] journey of doing said...

I love your little trinkets, too... and funny how they all seem to fit together... and describe you!

Elizabeth H. said...

Love all of these!

Audrey said...

What wonderful, beautiful treasures! Your first one reminded me of a collection of Norman Rockwall figures I had and kept with a friend several years ago. I had totally forgotten about them. I wonder if she still has them.

One of my finest treasures is a marble Brandon gave me for Mother's Day once (he was 4 or 5 yrs old). He said it was his favorite and wanted me to have it. I know there is a feel-good story that goes with each of our treasures!!

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