Friday, August 19, 2011


was there for us yesterday...

... making sure we were okay.

(I spent the day with Caroline, Andrew, and Anna.)

It was odd.

Whenever Andrew was around Spiderman wasn't.
Whenever Spiderman was there, Andrew wasn't.


The girls didn't notice, I don't think.

See, there's Andrew up there...

... and there....

And Spiderman is nowhere to be seen.

I guess Spiderman didn't like watching "Wild Kratts" like we did.

Being with them made me think of this sign I saw at LoneStar Antiques the other day...
Well, I did follow Elizabeth's instructions - which were great.
But, Elizabeth, if you're wondering what happened to all the chocolate syrup, well, Andrew poured it all into his glass while I wasn't looking.
(Seriously, I put the chocolate syrup on the table, then fixed Anna's bottle and then I turned around and saw Andrew emptying the bottle of chocolate into his milk.)
(Hmm. That may explain his burst of rowdiness, uh, energy.)

Seriously, Elizabeth. That's what happened to the chocolate.


Laura said...

haha! funny post. Glad you guys had fun

Elizabeth H. said...

Hahaha!!!!! Love this post! That's so funny - I got him chocolate milk this morning and he said "all the chocolate's gone, Momma!"

sara [at] journey of doing said...

Too cute. I think Andrew is way more handsome than Spiderman though... I'm just saying..

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